Welcome, or welcome back!

$280 for a 4-pack: 1-2011, 1-2013, 1-2015, 1-2017 Classic Black Cat
$210 for a 3-pack: 1-2012, 1-2014, 1-2016 Classic Black Cat

$200 Special Selections: 1 each of 2015 and 2016

The complete 2015 vintage run: 1 each “Classic” Black Cat, Special Selection, single barrel
Lady Sapphire $275

Magnums (1.5L) are available for $160 for the following vintages - shipping included -
2011 Classic
2014 Special Selection
2015 Special Selection
2016 Classic

A great source for others’ opinions of these wines is Cellartracker. There are also notes within Wine Talk here on the Berserker Board (do a search for EMH).

_Go to EMH’s website at http://www.EMHVineyards.com, enter, and go to the order page.

All conditions posted on the website apply, including the charging of sales tax. SHIPPING IS INCLUDED IN THE SALE PRICE.

PayPal is the secure payment processor, but you do not have to use your PayPal account. There is an option to use your credit card.

To add your shipping address, just uncheck the box that says “same as billing address.”

Shipping options are not open - I will arrange shipping with you personally.

First come, first served. Quantities are limited by my inventory.

I will be here enjoying the fun, commenting, answering questions, and solving problems. I will be joined by my Black Cat, Lady Sapphire, who finds it amusing to stroll across my laptop, printer, and anything else that does not directly include her!

Phone is 707-942-1393.
email is Merrill@EMHVineyards.com


Let me be the first to wish my neighbor a Happy BerserkerDay!!

Thank you, Emily, and the same to you!

Up and running! Thank you to you early purchasers!

Unless you post in this thread that you have made a purchase, I will not thank you by name in this thread. Just a matter of your privacy.

There are plenty of CellarTracker posts on most of the wines being offered, so check in there, too!

In for the 6-pack and EMH Special Selection 3-pack. Thanks Merrill!

Should Larisa and I expect to see you for Red Sox opening day this spring? :slight_smile:


Got your order! Thank you! Yes, I hope to be there at Fenway…need to work on my ticket. Right now I have a large Red Sox flag outside my front door…soon to be replaced by a Superbowl flag for our Patriots!

Tonight the Celtics play our locally loved Warriors. I think it WILL be a war.

Hi Matty! flirtysmile If you ordered, I did not receive it. Check your end…

I’m in it to drink it-- what a purrrrring offer! [wow.gif]

I served my sister and brother-in-law the '14 EMH Special Selection for a slightly be late new year’s meal, and it was a wow [worship.gif]
A real special indeed in the line of EMH, aka the in-law finished the bottle and asked for more. I think I’d open a '12 EMH special for him next time [cheers.gif]

Thank you, Dr. Lenchner. I have some friends coming by later today, and we shall share a glass or two of 2014 Sparkles and one of the 2010s I found hiding out in my stash.

In for a 6-pack! Great wine.

Looking forward to enjoying more of your wines this year!

Thanks, Jeff! For the $$ and even more for the compliment.

Thank you, Lawrence, my pleasure!

Thanks, all. Don’t forget to check back in tomorrow for the auction.

Merrill, did the 2011 sell out? Was going to reorder and don’t see it on the website. Thanks.

No, it apparently just got left off the website. Order 2 bottles of the 2016 and the price will be right. I’ll make a note. We tested and tested but I guess not for ommissions!

In for a SS 3-pack; Merrill, what do you consider their drinking windows to be?

I have not had the 12 or 15 lately. The 2014 is drinking beautifully. There was a recent note on CT on that 2014SS. I generally consider prime drinking for the Black Cats to be 5-8 years from the vintage date. But I had the 2001 a few months ago and it was gorgeous. There were 3 of us and we all thought it was stunning.