Ordered a 6-pack!

Thank you!!!

Thank you, Philip!

Ah, some new faces and some returning faces. Thank you!

6 pack order in! How could I not…growing up, my black cats were Nova and Comet!

Thanks, Mike. Black Cats are the best. The little girl sitting on the old tractor in my offer is polydactyl:6 toes on each front foot instead of the normal 4. 5 on each back foot instead of 4. The smartest and most able cat I have ever had - she can open ANYTHING!

In for 6 of the 13s/14s. Looking forward to trying these after reading great reviews for the last year!

Thanks, Chris. Nice to have new customers!

Update - I opened a 2010 today and it is just entering a great drinking window. 8-1/2 years old.

Good morning, newcomers and veterans! Hopefully you will find somethings that you like - there is a wide range of older wines and younger wines in a range of prices. Shipping included!

Jeez! Finally, I thought you got catnapped.

Placed order on preview day for the vintage I was the lightest on, the 2015 3-pack. That puts EMH up near the top of my list of producers of which I have the most bottles.

Might open a 2011 EMH Black Cat today to celebrate Berserker Day :slight_smile:

I was put in the last group this year - believe me, it feels strange! It is 60 degrees and sunny and only one of my three cats is in - the others are out hunting.

Thank you, Julius. I always appreciate your orders! Wait til you see the Lady Sapphire bottle - I think my best visual effort.

Decant decant decant! 2-3 hours does it well. If you have the 2010, that was rocking yesterday.

In for a 6-pack! Thanks Merrill!!!

And decant I shall, thanks!

My pleasure. Good to have you back!

Hmmm…any women out there? I only had one female purchaser yesterday. Hoping for more today.

I forgot to mention - that is the vintage in particular that is throwing in the neck of the bottle. Just clean it out before you decant. You’d think these were my kids, or something.