Dupuis bankruptcy auction

It’s too bad we can’t figure out a way to do this, and get Wells more than what the auction will likely bring in.

I’m interested in whatever.

Probably too late now. Everything is consigned, photographed, catalogued and put into lots.

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I’d be willing to put a couple $K upfront to help make this happen. Not that I need any wine, but it could be distributed later.
$3/ bottle - $36/case could buy all the 2019 Le Benedict for only $5220. The '18 averages 91.5 cellar points, and members of this forum gleefully purchase $200 cases of unknown wine from de Negoce.


That’s a generous gesture but when people don’t have to make the personal commitment they are less likely to follow through. Hate to see you stuck with a bunch of wine because you’re a nice guy. Remember, there are 350 individual lots to bid on.

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Would someone be willing to ship out of state?

There are local shipping/mail box stores that will ship wine out of state, depending on where you live. The cost is about $50 a case plus the cost of the styro shipper. Depending on the auction price, it’s probably still a bargain.

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It is generous of you to offer to pick up the wine. I’m not worried about the wine finding an eventual buyer, as it will last a long time. Finding temporary storage could be an issue. Maybe someone could step forward there.

I’m not too interested in taking a fling on the 2020s.

If you find a way to ship out of state, I’d take a few cases for sure.

If we are able to make this work, also depending on case pricing, I would be willing to take upwards of 25 cases. I’ll have to work out a way to get it shipped to me, and I’ll need help on the Cal logistics side of it.

I think if we have enough interested people, we should try to purchase all of it. Then have to figure a place to store it, and get it paid and shipped to all parties.


What we need is someone with a big van who’s willing to do a 2-week US-roadtrip.

There was no smoke in Anderson Valley in 2020. 75 miles North of St Helena. Glass fire smoke went South.


Ok, I’m in too, but a question. I’m more interested in the Syrah than the Pinot. How do we know that you need a license to bid in part 2 of the auction? I see “restricted bidding” but then no definition of what that means on the website. Did I miss it?

Is anyone else here interested in that Syrah that might want to go in? I get the impression that you all are after the Pinot.

I’m up for all of it as I enjoy all of his wines. Of note Winebid (who I buy a lot of wine with) has their GSN storage in Napa that will ship, that’s how I would likely ship my wine back to the East Coast in case that is an option for some of you.

Good point, would Wine Country Connect split this up and ship it out?

The Syrah is in shiners, tax hasn’t been paid. It’s probably considered bulk wine and you cannot purchase it unless you are bonded.

Restricted Bidding. To Qualify to Bid:

  • Bidders must pre-register and be approved before bidding in this online auction.
  • To bid, the following must be completed:
    • Complete Bidder Registration at WestAuction.com/Register
    • Submit copies of federal and state permits authorizing the purchase of wine in bond.
    • Submit a copy of resale license

Brian, is that Isuzu refrigerated or can you throw ice packs in each box for the trip home? :laughing:

I was joking but I decided to look and the weather next week is 98 to 113 in Hopland.
Now I’m worried about you. It’s a generous offer but I’m not sure you should be loading 200 cases of wine by yourself if the weather is going to be anywhere near that (or even if not tbh). Logistics will kill.

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The Syrah seems like a perfect opportunity for de Negoce. Slap their label on it and sell it for $12 a bottle. I’d buy it!

  1. The truck box has very cold A/C.
  2. Wine boxes have to be loaded one-by-one as it does not have the floor space or door width for pallet loading.
  3. Pick-up day is Wed JULY 30.
  4. 200 + cases is a lot of wine, it’s not going in my cellar. People better start looking for cold storage.
  5. There are no guarantees you will win an auction lot.
  6. Everyone interested needs to register with the auction house, put a credit card on the acct, set it up for autopay, place and monitor their own bids. I’m not a bidding proxy, don’t shoot the messenger.

Agree with you here. Would be in for multiple cases of the Syrah.

I’d be in for the Pinot as well if we are able to work this out - I’m in S FL, in case there are multiple buyers down here.