Dryuary 2021

As if 2020 wasn’t bad enough, I would like to start the new year by going dry for the entire month of January.

Trouble is, I only have enough willpower to write this post.

Anyone else interested?

Me. I need to lose the Covid 19, or more like 29.

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Isn’t February typically chosen because it’s the shortest month?

My husband and I are planning to eat clean in January. We’ll also be cutting way down on wine vs. the past month or two (there’s a low bar). For us wine tends to precipitate overeating, so we can’t control one without getting the other under control as well. Having said that we will have one cheat meal a week where anything goes, just to keep ourselves sane

I’ve done dry January many times. Usually coupled with an intense diet regime. I’ve done everything from water only for seven days to full vegan and nothing with yeast for 60 days.

Last year I just made a conscious effort to avoid anything extra. No extra scoops and no “just one more” glasses of wine, beer, cocktail.

Undecided what I’ll do this year. I’ve been deprived of enough in 2020 not sure I want to start 2021 that way.

Yay! The Dryuary (which autocorrected to Dreary lol) website has a signup option for daily emails. Not sure if I will sign up, but I definitely plan a daily check-in on this thread.

Hmm. I do not know. I tend to notice it in early January, after it has already begun. (Note: looks like there is a Dry Feb in Canada.)

I want to gear up this time around. It helps that my teetotaling in-laws will be visiting in early January.

I plan to remain dry from roughly 1am until 5pm on Jan. 1.


If I did this it would totally screw up my cellar reduction plan!

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I am right there with you.


I’ll be doing it.

I’ve been back and forth, but being in a cold clime, February is a better month to be outside and active.

Not a bad idea. I’ve been drinking more recently in part to battle the COVID stay at home boredom. I’ll give this a shot.

What a great idea! I encourage you to do so and wish you the best of luck

Great idea! For someone else.


I think Drynuary sounds better, but what the heck?

i celebrate Ginuary each year, and if its a real good one can be followed by Februwagon

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Why wait? December has already started.

I do this every year in conjunction with a ketogenic diet. It feels good. Then it feels good to start having wine again.

I have done dry February for the last 2 years. Will do so again for 2021.