DP 2012 released

£660/6 IB in the UK. Reasonable compared to where the 08 was released and now trades.

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Wondering if I should jump. Dunno how much shipping time the US and sales tax will be

Should be easy enough to source domestically.

Very reasonable but also very limited quantities. On strict allocations everywhere. I managed to get 2x6 confirmed and another 4x6 pending until Monday.

Five million bottles??


For 7.9 billion people. Not very good odds. [wink.gif]

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I suspect he means for the original release at that price.

The numbers stateside are not out yet, but I fully expect the 2012 Dom Perignon is going to be at least $200 in the US for the vast majority of us, and I would be surprised to see it available at all for less than $175.

Still a strong buy though. I have had the wine and it is exceptional.

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As I mentioned back in Oct 2020, Dom Perignon stated their '12 is better than '08.

William Kelley echoed that in his review of the 2012. To be fair, he wasn’t quite as high on the 2008 as others (although a 96 is high).

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“Come quickly, I am tasting the stars!”

But more seriously, I think it’s actually true. The 2012 shows a lot of promise, and it’s a bit more structured out of the gates than the 2008 was at the same stage.

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Costco will have it…$159-165

I am sure we will be able to get it around 150 in the US. People kept saying it wouldn’t go lower than 170 when it was released and I bought more than 40 cases for less than 125/bottle all in.

08 or 12?

08 was mostly sold through at that point, right?

1st tranche was. Is DP ever really sold out? They make so many annually.


Yeah I paid $127/bottle for two cases of 2008 in Jan 2020. I hope the 2012 isn’t going to be more than $175/bottle.

If you are planning on buying a lot then consider buying it from UK if you cant find it for the price you want here.

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Wait What.


Just gotta keep your ear to the ground and strike when the iron is hot.