DP 2012 released

It was $150/bottle regular price for several years at the NH State Liquor stores. A few times a year they have special 15 percent off sales on all Champagne, which brings it to $127.50/bottle.

New NH motto: Live free or die with discounted champagne

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Just curious- what is the current CA price for the 2010 you are seeing at Costco and other discount retailers? At release, Total Wine and Costco here in Texas were selling the wine at about $150, but it is $170 now- and Total Wine has a one bottle limit. That is the basis for my own expectations- but for some reason California seems to often have much better deals on champagne than most other states- especially at first release.

I take you at your word, but will say that must have been quite an exceptional arrangement. At release in the UK, the lowest price I saw for 2008 from the major brokers was about $130US per bottle for six pack increments. I cannot fathom how someone was able to sell it to you in the US for $125 or less and make any profit- unless maybe someone was pre-selling prematurely and made a miscalculation. That does happen from time to time- but it is a lucky break for you and not really a reliable market predictor.

Good show all the same. That was the buy of the century- however it came your way.

As for the 2012, consider what has happened since the 2008 was released,

  1. After a brief panic in early 2020 when many champagnes were dumped on the market, demand has surged across the board. I bought 2 cases of pristine late release 1996 Dom Perignon Rose for $250 a bottle during the pandemic. Retail is now more than double that. Champagne in general is in high demand right now.

  2. Taittinger with the 2008 and Veuve Clicquot Grande Dame 2012 are now very deliberately established in the $200 range, or close to it in the case of Taittinger. And supplies are being actively managed to preserve that. I see $200 as the new baseline retail number going forward for major tete de cuvees (that is full retail in a brick and mortar- I would still expect $175ish at discount.)

  3. The second release of 2008 Dom Perignon is happening- whether from Moet or somewhere up the chain I do not know- and the wine is pricing out at $210-225 with major sources right now. Note this is not a P2 release- but a broader general release of 2008.

Hence my predictions. Time will tell. And now with the Plenitude program in place, and similar in place or coming for other other major houses, there is even more incentive than ever to defer release on significant quantities of stock to preserve pricing and manage supply.

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I saw 2010 for 159 at SoCal Costco.

Thank you. Given that, then I could see the 2012 being about that price in CA when it gets released- but alas I fear Texas will not be so fortunate.

NH State Liquor Store has over 300 bottles of Grande Dame (across various locations) for $125 regular price. This means I could grab it for $106.25 the next time it goes on sale. I suspect it’s 2012 but it could be 2008 - they never list the vintage and almost always sell different vintages (when more than one is available) at the same price. Should I grab some if it’s the 2012? (I have a single bottle of 2008 stashed away, but have never tried it.) I’m not a big fan of the NV Veuve Clicquot.

Southern heavily discounted 2008 Dom in the spring of 2020, right before Covid started. There were a few sources who blew out a lot for very cheap. I have more than 50 6 packs in original cardboard. I bought quite a bit for 150-180 earlier so these were substantially less than 125/btl.

2008 Dom was well under $120 with discounting at Heathrow 2 years ago and weak Pound. My recollection is $114 net. Hand schlep though.

I mentioned it in a thread here at the time, but one could find 2008 DP for about $130 + tax in TX through much of 2019. This was at a local supermarket chain when they were having a sale. CT shows my purchases at that level in March, June, and September 2019.

I know the grocery store chain- that is how I got most of my stash- though in Dallas we were paying closer to $135.

But again- unusual situation in which they took almost zero profit, and they are not doing it anymore. Right now they are selling 2010 Dom for over $200 and a main wine buyer confirmed to me they are no longer trying to compete with TW and are instead taking a regular markup like other grocery stores.

I do not make market predictions taking into account out of the norm situations or opportunities that no longer exist.

I didn’t realize Dallas was such a different market than Houston. 2010 DP was $159 at both Costco and HEB when I looked last week.

Looking back, I paid $150 and $160 for 2008. I don’t think we will see that anytime soon for 2012 but eventually. I set a WineSearcher alert for $170 for now. I’m willing to be patient. Not like their going to run out anytime soon. Maybe I will regret, probably not.

The 2008 was $121.99 locally and the 2010 went up to $129.99.

I have mine set to $150 but I will only buy it for less than $130.

Seem to recall 2008 was available @ Indy Costcos for $129 in Nov 19 when I was on a business trip.
Unfortunately could not pick any up @ time.

I anticipate I will be able to buy the 12 Dom for about 150/btl; I’ll probably buy 10 cases but not as much as the 08.

I was surprised to discover there is sometimes a noticeable difference. It was about 6 years ago when Total Wine stores were each getting 1 bottle of a recent Giacosa release. I scooped up most of the Dallas bottles and then searched to see if there were any bottles in Austin- and there were, for about 5% less each. I checked a few other things too and saw similar differences sometimes, but not always.

From my ITB time, I had always figured prices across a given state were consistent from the wholesale side. But in fact, Dallas often pays more than both Houston and Austin.

Why specifically I do not know, but it is an unfortunate truth.

I might just wait for the 12 DP to show up at my Costco even if I have to pay 10-20 more per bottle.

Yeah I bought a bunch of 08 Dom for ~$130/btl from HEB (also picked up 08 Cristal for $192). That source seems to have dried up over the last couple years.