Downstream Wines

Just received this e-mail…anyone else signing up?

Greetings from Saxum!

I want to introduce you to a new project we have been working on since 2015. We call it Downstream. It’s a partnership between Heather and myself, Sasha Verhage, and Philippe Cambie. Some of you may know Philippe from all the amazing wines he’s helped create in the Southern Rhone. The man truly has an amazing palette! Sasha and Philippe approached us with the idea to create a wine from California, with a foundation of California heritage varieties, but blend it much like Philippe does when he shapes his primarily Grenache driven wines in Chateauneuf du Pape. Here at Saxum we pretty much give him carte blanche with all the different lots in our cellar and let him construct the blend of Downstream’s small 300 case cuvee. James Berry Vineyard Mataro, Dusi old vine Zinfandel, Paderewski Vineyard Zin, Terry Hoage Vineyard Syrah, 4hearts Vineyard Petite Sirah, and G2 Vineyard Grenache all make star appearances here. The blend changes each year, depending on what Philippe thinks will create the best wine. Let me tell you, the blends he comes up with amaze us!!

The Downstream mailing list will be completely separate from Saxum and they will not affect each other in any way. Since you are a current Saxum customer, or patiently waiting to get an allocation from Saxum, we are giving you first crack at it. Only 500 people will be the lucky ones. My advice is to act fast if you are interested, there’s not a lot to go around. The official Downstream wine offering will go out this Fall to the first 500 people who sign up. Click here to sign up.

The wine will be offered once a year as a set of 3 bottles (750ml) and 1 magnum (1.5L), all arriving in a fancy wood case. A first for us here at Saxum.

As previously stated, the Downstream allocation list will not affect your Saxum status at all, it is a completely separate project. Send any Downstream related questions to, or call Sasha Verhage at (805) 369-1140.

Thank you,

Justin Smith

Followed the link through to signup before I even read the body of the message. Got confirmation email 57 seconds after the first one hit–hopefully that’s a quick enough trigger finger. Excited about this one!

About 12 minutes for me…hoping since it came midday that will do it…

site has crashed…

I signed up - I got this confirmation email. Did anyone get anything different?

“Thank you for joining us. By signing up today, you are expressing an interest in purchasing a future allocation of Downstream wine. We will send you an email this Fall to confirm if we are able to offer you an allocation.”

Website was slow for me so I was 9 min after email…

I too signed up. Hope to make the cut as this sounds like a very exciting project!

My confirmation came 3 minutes after the email hit.



The site was slow for me too. I was able to jump in 10 min after the email and got confirmation. Hopefully I made the cut.

In. Exciting sounding.

Glad I found another mailing list to join. The 317 lists I was on before didn’t cut it. Had to get to 318.

Did anyone get an email saying that they are in the first 500 or just the generic one I posted?

It does sound exciting - hope I made it!

Anyone else get a chance to taste it? (Or if you’re the one who posted this note would love more detail)

Looks like the site crashed.

/shrug just did a nice piece about Cambie and the USA.

There was a thread on this a while back and I signed up then, so the email I got today confirmed they already had my email/sign up confirmation and just needed the rest of my details (address/zip).

Did not get a confirmation that I’m ‘in’ but Sasha did email back right away to say they had all they needed from me. Fingers crossed for sure - exciting project that I’d love to try!

Yep, I hit the blue line and singed up. Too much FOMO not too…

My confirmation email came 14 minutes after the original, and same confirmation that Adam posted.

I’m probably screwed. Didn’t get my details in until a full 26 minutes after the email hit my inbox! Damn work meeting!!!

I don’t think he’s on WB (could be wrong) but I’m a “fan” of his on CT and follow on IG. He has a hell of a palate for bourbon and higher end wines. Fun to follow on both.

You could ask via “Comment” on his CT post.

I also signed up immediately upon receipt of the email and received same confirmation posted here.

Got email confirmation within 3 minutes so hopefully that means I made the cut.


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yea i was signed up 45 min after receipt, i doubt i made it. but mags and wood cases aren’t exactly my cup of tea.


76% zin? [wow.gif]