Do wine stores open on New Year's Day?

In NY, the only day that we have to close is Christmas. Our store closes just a few days per year and one of those days is January 1st.

Do other stores open on that day?

Close ? Hardly ever. We did not close but 1/2 a day for Thanksgiving in 2009 and we are still here New Years Day evening but getting ready to leave. Being about the only place open in town that sells something other than grocery store wines & cheap cigars has been beneficial . [dance-clap.gif]

We are closed two days during the year: New Years Day and Christmas.

Hope you had a good one, Dan!

I’ve been here since 10am and will close at 9pm. Not much traffic in the day but a nice little rush at 7 or so as folks went out to parties.

I got all of my corporate gift paperwork done, got about half of a new container’s worth of Iberian stuff up on the website, got out an e-mail announcing a sale and made banners for the sale and got them up on the windows.

Now it’s 8:09 and three cars just came into the lot…

PS: As of this minute, we are $3.00 up over last New Years Day so I can say we are up for the year!!!

So, Roberto and Carrie, worth it for you to open on January 1st each year?

Just as an FYI, we do open Thanksgiving, from 9 am to 2 pm, so I do not want you to think we slack off Carrie.

I would never think you slack off. It was very worth it

We have closed on a few New Years days depending on what day of the week they were (but NEVER on Thanksgiving or Christmas which are really quite busy). It seemed silly to close on the Friday of a holiday weekend but I did the whole day myself with no help and it was no problem.

I AM surprised at how few people we got (especially as our next door neighbors, a ski shop, were quite busy with folks gearing up to head to the slopes) but, all in all, it was worth while as I NEEDED to get all that stuff done before I head to Rio in 12 days…

FYI, NYS law says we have to close on Xmas day here.

As for New Year’s, interesting outlook, Roberto. So you would have closed if it was a Tuesday?

Dan, working at the shop is the only time Carrie and Randy talk to each other. It’s healthy for their relationship to be at work.

Hardee har har ! Not true, Randy talked to me when we got home & asked for xtra bacon on his mac n cheese neener

Wine stores here in Connecticut were closed today…

I had the pleasure of working Noon to 6 pm on New Year’s Day this year. How thrilling to take apart the 100+ case displays of bubbly after working a 14 hour shift the previous day. I’m with Roberto however, we’re up in 2010! Woo!

MA law dictates that alcohol may not be sold on the following three days of the year: Memorial Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Memorial Day??? [scratch.gif]

Just about every store in NY opens on Turkey day, or so it seems.

We were open on New Years Day, but not Christmas Day. in fact yesterday we doubled our business from the previous year so 2010 seems like the recession is over!

I worked 10-3 yesterday and mostly moved boxes, loaded shelves, took down shelf talkers, and tried to organize and clean up after the crazy holiday season.

Today I need to take down these stupid holiday signs.

Good thing that we have no shelf talkers or floor stacks, otherwise, we might have to some work January 1st, it would appear!

We try to limit the number of shelf talkers from sales reps. However, all the end of the year “surveys” were going on so we got loaded with them and were too busy to deal with it then. luckily the store is all clean of those evil things! Time for me to make some more of our own shelf talkers to class this place up!

“How thrilling to take apart the 100+ case displays of bubbly…”

Why aren’t those gone already? I am going to spend a good bit of time today consolidating all the two to three bottle leftovers of various Champagnes in the displays so it doesn’t look so empty. Wednesday and Thursday it was like a horde of locusts swept through that section…

The best prices in bubbly are usually found in Oct-Dec. If you have the capacity to carry inventory, buy enough in the fall to get you through the winter. Usually things go on sale again in the spring before wedding/graduation time.