Do wine stores open on New Year's Day?

I could see that for large house stuff but we don’t really see that in Farmer Fizz which is mostly what we do.

In the city it’s totally worth it to be open on New Year’s Day. People are out continuing the party! Also lots of deliveries to the hangover-challenged. Where I worked we did 12-9pm.

Dutchess County has some old 40’s era blue laws. Our store in Pawling can only be open for ONE HOUR, 9AM-10AM, on the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, & Thanksgiving Day. We actually do the “Power Hour” on the other holidays, but we are closed New Year’s Day.

And yes, it IS totally worth it to be open just that one hour on the other days, especially now that we have built it up and people know about it. As long as the supermarket next door is open (which it is at that time on those days) we get traffic.

Do you know how the 1 hour law came to be? Sounds odd.


I have no idea other than it is part of that original county-only blue law that is still on the books.

Wow. Do you have to NOT sell to folks who are in line at 30 seconds to closing but didn’t get wrung up yet? Or can you lock the doors and still process those already in?

I put away 100+ cases left over from the 1000+ cases.

The whole “can’t sell after X pm” is true in MA. We start announcing closing time at quarter to the hour with a reminder of the law. 11:01 pm = no alcohol.

Us too on the shelf talkers & floor stacks… The holiday decorations are almost as bad to take down, a couple days worth. We have a friend that flys up from Houston to decorate the store and everything they do in TX is really really big, so imagine what the decor looks like. The wreath she made must be 5 or 6 ft in diameter with really BIG BALLS . I guess I should have taken pics before I started to disassemble, she did an incredible job.

Can’t sell any alcoholic beverages for carry out on New Year’s Day at all in Indiana! headbang