Different capsules in Coche Corton Charly

So ive heard that exports to certain countries will result in capsules of different colours for Coche’s Cortons. I’m not sure however which is which - anyone know what the difference is between white and gold?

All of mine from Kermit Lynch are white capsules.

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There also seem to be different labels for the CC, one with the usual pot on top, one with a crest - and a golden one …

Any hints ?

I just posed the question to one of their French distributors, will let you know the answer.

The 2010 I had was gold. 2012 was white. 2013 is gold. Shrug. All from Kermit

“Collect them all!”

10 gold 04 white here. Kermit import

Thanks for all the response guys though now this is even more confusing!

William, any response from the distributor?


Damn those distributors - nearly 15 hours - mostly overnight, and still no response…

The question is: identical in all countries/regions … or different ?
I´ve never seen a golden one in Europe …

the plot thickens!

My 2012 is white ; 2010 and 2013 golden

He agreed that both are still being used, but is going to ask Raphaël if there’s any logic behind it.

Personally, I like the old-fashioned white capsules.

I bet with Gerhard, different market destinations.

With brands such as Coche, folks will assemble an inventory by “hook or by crook”(come on, its vernacular, no serious implication intended). Therefore, I theorize you may see quite mixture of the truly hard to get in certain markets.

We direct imported lots of Burgundy and I saw many capsule and label variations compared to official importers’ bottles such as the giant Chateau and Estates.
For example Ramonet;
We had a kinky connection to the domaine, a truly striking couple, an airline pilot and flight attendant who had some kinda connection to the domaine. They would fly into SFO and hand carry directly to the Marin Wine Cellar, Montrachet and Batard Montrachet on an irregular basis, in heavily laden suitcases. We drank way too many bottles of 1982, 1985 and 1986 and from mags too, thank my lucky stars. Taking the photo just now jogged my vinous recall of the very best. Those capsules and labels were totally different.
Speaking of different, we were told that the Batard was superior to any other(agreed) because declassified Montrachet was blended in.
There were also quietly mentioned rumors of “Cuvee American”, we never bought any C & E Ramonet, so we never compared contents.

I could not find a photo of the C & E capsule, but I recall it was cream and green.

IMO, it is just the capsule today, why bother with separate labeling?

Ramonet: I´ve never seen the upper label (green “M”) in Europe, only the bottom one (blue crest)!

Top label is for the US imports. Bottom one is in europe

Given that people buying from Kermit are getting both white and gold, that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

Is the CC bottled barrel by barrel?

I believe that is still the case for all the wines. They are, however, racked once during the élevage after the completion of malolactic to homogenize the cuvées.

Pirom, your three 2012’s with different capsules are the key. Are they all from the same source and importer?

Without Priom’s answer at this point, I am still going to stay with my theory which I now refine to bottled for specific markets/importers, random colors selected per vintage, based on barrel selected cuvees.