Desire Lines Fall 2021 Release

We’re getting so excited for our fall Desire Lines release, which will launch on Wednesday, September 22 (note the change from previous releases, which are usually on Tuesdays). This release includes two wines from Shake Ridge – our 2019 Syrah and a tiny-quantity 2020 Viognier (!!) – along with our 2020 Evangelho Red Wine, 2020 Cole Ranch Riesling, and an Experimental Series Sauvignon Blanc from Kick Ranch in Sonoma. (In other words, it’s a great time to not be pregnant anymore! -Emily)

My first time on the list for them. Really looking forward to it and trying these wines

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Really looking forward to the Evangelho!

My favorite release! A couple newbies this time which I am excited to try.

Oh boy! Oh boy!

When I saw the subject line, I was so afraid I had missed it!

Very excited for these. Missed the last offer, will make sure not to miss this one. Love all the wines I’ve had so far, especially the Shake Ridge Syrah.

One of my favorite shake ridge expressions. Another instance of good wine and good people. Not a big riesling drinker, but probably my favorite current domestic take on the grape.

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What should I be expecting in terms of pricing on this offer?

A bunch of underpriced wines.


Probably mid twenties to about forty bucks a bottle. Going to try limit it to a case for me, but that might be a bit optimistic.


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I checked my orders from 2018 on and prices were $22 to $42 …all amazing.

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Offer is open. In for a mixed case, plus I requested some Winds of Change from the previous release because it was just too good.

$25 - $32 on the whites.

$32 - $36 on the reds.

6 bottles or more = $30 flat rate shipping.

Allocations not guaranteed.

stoked on this release and excited to try out the SB and Viognier!!

I got my order in! Added Viognier to the wish list and hopeful I will get more than the one I was allocated.

In for a 6 pack, first order for me. Excited to try them

These wines are so good…really looking forward to trying the Kick Ranch SB, which is not something I expected to be typing.

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Hey Luca, did they have any more Winds of Change? I forgot to ask and already ordered from this release, but I loved it and would be very happy to get some more.

It sounded like they have a limited amount left. I would email Emily and ask!

Yes, I was also able to email Emily Wednesday afternoon and add on some Winds of Change to my order.

Good call on adding Winds of Change folks. It’s an amazing wine.