Desire Lines Fall 2021 Release

Ordered a mix 6 myself, first time buyer.

Made the “mistake” of listening to the most recent Bedrock podcast featuring Cody and Emily. Had no intention to add more CA wineries to my mail-order list but immediately went in for a 6-pack.

Vince, I’m so glad to hear that you enjoyed the podcast! We had such a good time. Chris does an absolutely fantastic job and it was so lovely reminiscing about old Bedrock memories.

And thanks everyone for the stoke and support this release! It’s deeply appreciated.


In for

1x Cole Ranch Riesling
2x Evanghelo Red
3x 2019 Shake Ridge Syrah

Super excited to try these wines!

In for 6 Cole Ranch Rieslings. That Bedrock podcast led me to buy.

Wish list Viognier cleared.

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Mine too!

So, who’s popped some wine? I don’t have formal tasting notes, just impressions.

2019 Shake Ridge Syrah - Needs a lot of air/time, I could almost say the bottle I opened is a little shut down. Well balanced with some black fruit and earth coming through. Excited to see what the next bottle tastes like.

2020 Evanghelo - Very delicious wine. Earthy, with some nice savory notes, not what I was expecting from such a high percentage of Carignan. It’s got an almost Italian style with the interplay between the acidity and the savory flavors, or maybe S Rhone like. Wish I had bought more of this one!


Thanks for popping the cork for the rest of us on the Shake Ridge Syrah. I have 2016-2019 that I have not opened yet. Maybe when I get the 2020 next year, I will do a 5 year vertical.

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Cody does a great job of coaxing out the savory in his red wines. That’s one of the biggest reasons I buy them.


I got the whites and have opened the Sauvignon Blanc which is rich and voluptuous and those are not usually descriptors of Sauvignon Blanc. None of the sharp edges or overwhelming acidity that I associate with the variety. Lovely and weighty enough for roast chicken. One of my WOTY choices.


Ended up opening a 2018 Griffin’s Lair Syrah last night. HOLD!

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Popped a Riesling last night - my note:

Step away from the bottle. Yep, you. Back away. Put her down and let her sleep. Ideally 2-3 years before touching. This is a lovely riesling, but needs time to come together. The nose hits with a bit of stinky reduction, then shows a fistful crushed rocks and rainwater, with a bit of dried white flowers. Palate hits a mouthful of stone, more reduction, then on the back of the palate shows some delectable ripe pear, quince and just a touch of apricot, complemented by beauitfully layered flowers, white pepper and tangy acid. This is coiled tightly, almost painfully so. Blind, I would likely guess maybe village Burgundy or other chiseled chardonnay, due to the reduction and fruit profile. Nothing in the profile says to me Riesling (yet). Maybe just the faintest bit of RS if you look for it. While this is tasty now, I suspect this will be far better in several years, but the quality is definitely there. 91++

5 hours later, and it’s starting to gain some Riesling typicity - rocks yes, but more apricot and some mango. Still a bit of nervous energy, somewhat GG like.

BRB putting one of my 3 bottles in the fridge


What a lovely note! Thanks Vince. Glad to hear that you enjoyed it. I find this wine to be especially taut and tense right now too. I’m keen on it on the third night open out of the fridge.

I just opened one tonight. Yes it is tense, and I love it for that, but it still had stuff to show on night one. I left a TN on IG and CT. Will try to save some for nights 2 and 3 :slight_smile:

The spring save the date just came out…Mourvedre sounds interesting.

This release will include our first vineyard-designated Riesling from Wiley Vineyard (the 2019 was labelled under our Experimental Series and described by Stephen Bitterolf at Source Material as “probably the greatest CA Riesling I’ve ever had”) and our second vintage of Winds of Change Red Wine, described by our 8-month-old Drew as “indubitably among the most innovative red blends of the modern era” (<-- okay, one of those quotes is made up.)

Finishing out the lineup are the 2019 Griffin’s Lair Syrah and—drumroll please—2019 Bedrock Vineyard Mourvèdre!

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I do love me some Desire Lines!

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So the initial vintage of Winds of Change was my NUMBER 1 DISCOVERY OF 2021.

Thrilled to also see a Bedrock Mourvèdre.

I already know what I am ordering.