Design your own Champagne glass

I got lucky enough to win the design-your-own wine glass project with GlasVin in the BD auctions, and while I have my own ideas of what I’d like to make, I would also love to solicit some input from the community.

I’ve always loved the Joseph Krug glass that is used at the official Krug events, and I’d like to start along those lines, but please let me know what you would like to see in a Champagne glass and I might incorporate the community suggestions in my final product.

It will necessarily be etched with a 93.


Very cool idea!

I absolutely love the shape of the Sophienwald Grand Cru Champagne glass (left) and the smaller more durable Schott Zwiesel Champagne glass(right).

Whenever I hear “design your own ______”
I think of the “Homer” :rofl:


So like the suckling 100pt glass. This is the Adrian 93 pt glass? Schweet.

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I thought this was the coolest auction offered on BD

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A big plus 1 on the Sophienwald GC glass and they have a smaller, identical twin as well.

I quite like the Lehmann “Jamesse Prestige” Grand Champagne glasses. I’ve been using these regularly for a few years now and love them.

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How thin can the manufacturer go? I’ve always liked the lightness/thinness of the GGG, but for champagne I like the look of the zalto/sophienwald.

I have and use these as well. I love how the wide bowl accentuates the nose of he wine really well, but I’m not sure how well the wines ultimately keep their freshness in these glasses. I think slightly narrower glasses might perform a bit better in that aspect.

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Congratulations - that’s very cool! It’s a fascinating idea, and a fun part of this hobby that I’d never even considered. I’ve personally always wondered what a slightly wider version of the Zalto champagne glass would be like, as I prefer a bit more width on the bowl for the nose on the champagne, but have liked its performance otherwise.

The glass should weigh 93 grams

Fantastic idea, Adrian…can’t wait to see what the crowd-think helps you come up with

What I’m starting with right now is a rough eyeball of the Krug glass, with a slightly wider middle (thanks Greg and a few unnamed others) and compressed base to keep the volume of the bowl about the same. I like the look of the Sophienwald as well, and what I’m thinking of isn’t far off. I’m also thinking a more tapered base to minimize nucleation. Right now the volume to the width would be just over 100 ml.

Have to say I’m not a huge fan of that Lehmann glass; I don’t like the extreme concavity in the upper part of the glass (makes washing up difficult).

If it’s possible to have the glass at 93g, I will absolutely do that. The Glasvin universal is 98g or so, so maybe we can find 5g to shave off.

As I’m sure you all can tell, I have no drawing ability.

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Your draft looks pretty nice and versatile - pretty close to the Krug glass in your OP. However, in your draft the bottom seems to end on a quite round point and even the Krug glass has a surprisingly level bottom. How about trying to get a bottom that tapers similarly to the Lehmann glass, which has the sharpest point I know. Although the glass is otherwise pretty big which makes the carbonation dissipate quite quickly, the very narrow bottom works really well against this, which I like.

Are you aiming for a glass for 100 ml pours? It’s great for tasting, but can get quite full and unbalanced if aiming for any larger pours, like 120 ml. However, smaller glasses tend to be easier to wash, so there’s always that.

I think your drawing looks more like the zalto white glass, which I think is superb for champagne.

A thinner version of this might be good too.


Damn, I didn’t see that offer and might have competed! It was a busy work day for me.
I love my GGG, but I really like the gentle curves of the tulip glass Michael_H posted above. I’d personally shoot for something along those lines, with the thinness and mouth width of the GGG but a wide curve whose apex is about the junction of the middle and upper thirds.

I must be an outlier bc I drink almost all my champagne from sensory

You KNOW this has to be a berserkerday offer next year.

I knew this auction item would go to the most passionate.

Really fun following along, thanks for sharing Mr So.

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One of the features of the Sophienwald stem is its low equator which allows for more air space from that point in the glass up to the top thus more aromatics and exposure. IMHO, you might want to consider lowering that equator of your creation. Cheers

this is so cool. i have one of the krug glasses and agree that - absent bigger roses (which belong in a burgundy-type glass) - if i had to have one glass for champagne it would be that one. a finer, thinner, version of that would be the ultimate shape. the zalto champagne is also excellent, but i find the volume too small.

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