Deleting a post?

Is there a way to delete a post and its edit history to avoid revealing my embarrassingly stupid, inappropriate, or insensitive original remark? For those Jerry Maguire moments…

This site is brutally transparent.

i think you can click on the … and delete.

The post above this is “(post deleted by author)” but the original is there for all to see if you click on the pencil icon. [FINAL EDIT TO ADD THAT A DAY LATER, THE “(post deleted by author)” THAT USED TO BE RIGHT ABOVE THIS POST IS NOW GONE WITH NO TRACE]

Going through a few additional gyrations in this post. Editing and deleting multiple times to see if the oldest version will go away.

Deleted “have to wait…” and added this.
The “have to wait…” is gone from the edit trail.
[Oops, no it’s not. Still there if you click the back arrow (<<) at the bottom of the show edits screen.]

Took out all of the original text from this post and added this line.

Still showed the first line of the first post. One more edit here.

Looks like it keeps track of all the versions, displaying two at a time but all are available with the back arrow (<<).

Guess I’ll have to be a little more careful about those Jerry Maguire moments.


That’s NO Good! I edit dumb shit all the time…usually to just less dumb shit. I don’t want you folks to see my process though :duck:

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Yeah, this is one thing about the new site I do dislike. If I delete a post, I’d like it to truly be deleted. And I definitely don’t want someone to be able to view earlier edits, that defeats the entire point of being able to edit.


Any thoughts on this from the management? It’s the one thing that is troublesome. Not just the fact that anyone can see what’s been deleted, but I have also now accidentally “deleted” a post a few times by hitting the trash can by mistake. Didn’t even know I’d done it. Is the a “confirm” option that can be turned on, to make sure you really want to delete?

will discuss the first part

on the second part - when you hit delete on accident, the whole post highlights red to alert you and allow you to revert

It looks like there’s been an update to truly delete deleted posts.

There was a “(post deleted by author)” post just above my last multiply edited post, and you could see what was deleted by clicking the pencil icon. That post is now gone.

Haven’t noticed that, I’ll try. The little backward arrow does allow you to revert, but the way things are layed out, I’ve accidentally hit the trash can icon (it appears right where the three dots are, and for some reason I’ve hit that twice a couple times).

Now “delete” doesn’t do anything at all

Delete seems to be working. See post above. The original content is still viewable.

I’m gonna guess that a deleted post remains viewable and recoverable for a set time period (24 hours?) and is then completely deleted.

Am I close, @cfu?

Yeah, it’s “working” again, but when I typed that, it wasn’t. Probably one of the mods playing around :wink:

Quoting it to have a record

And I’m gonna quote it to see if it is “preserved” like on the old board.

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Great minds. LOL.

Now let’s see what happens to the quotes when the original disappears completely.

I don’t think you could delete a post if anything had been posted after it, on the old forum. You could edit it out manually, but the blank post still remained.

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Correct - you couldn’t delete a post, as a user, on the old forum - you could edit it, or change it to just a few dots, but had to do it manually

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You could delete it entirely, if no one had posted after you yet.

The difference now is that an edited post to delete an ill conceived comment is still visible to anyone.

I guess the solution is to delete and re-post rather than edit if you don’t want the original to remain visible. Though there appears to be a (1 day?) delay between deleting and total disappearance of the deleted post.