Decent Trader Joes whites?

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the Sekt at TJs is decent and $5.

also… (shilling alert)… we have Ste Chapelle Chardonnay ($4.99 from Idaho!) that is surprisingly quaffable and more Burgundian in style (anyway, definitely not CA). I liked it.

In other words you have a perfect Chardonnay for the anti-flavor elites! neener

[pillow-fight.gif] you so crazy!

I agree with this. I also like their Rose- fairly simple but good on a hot day.

If they still have it, I also like an SB called Vin-Koru. I’ve had pretty good luck with most of their NZ SB’s.

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Does anyone know of a $5-7-ish white wine at Trader Joes that is rather, in the terms of BottleNotes, ‘coiffable’?[/quote]


Some of the South OC TJs have carried Hogue Chard as recently as a couple of months ago. $5.99 or $6.99. “Aromas are of pear, citrus vanilla, cream, and hazelnut. The wine has complex Chardonnay character. Bright pear and cream flavors abound on the palate with a roundness acquired from the barrel fermented portion (31%). The finish is crisp.”
Nothing memorable but I found it to be a good value. There wasn’t any at TJs San Clemente last week though.


Just to let you know, I just opened a bottle of the trader joe’s Le Ferme Julien White. Needed a little for a marinade. Having a glass now. I’m telling you, this is outstanding for the $6-7 bucks. Make sure you try this if you have it near you.

I’d be interested in hearing if you, or anyone else, disagrees with this.

EDIT: I just realized that I had called this the Le Vielle Julien, when it is in fact the Le Ferme Julien. Is there two of these, or did I just mix it up with the other rhone white?

Steve, maybe you were thinking of La Vielle Ferme? Labels are somewhat similar.

Would trader joe’s sell them both? I know that the ones lately (the last 6 months or more) have been the Julien. [scratch.gif]

It appears that La Vieille Ferme is a wine made by the Perrin Family (Beaucastel).

La Ferme Julien, which is the wine Manzi and I are talking about, may be the same wine bottled under the La Ferme Julien label for Trader Joe’s. At the least, something similar.

It is a very good white wine for the $5.99. The red is not so interesting.

Thanks for the recommendation.

Picked up a bottle of La Ferme Julien last night. Quite nice.


If you haven’t found the solution yet… The TJs at Golden Lantern & del Avion had a bunch of the Hogue Chard this morning. Not oaky at all, and I’m very sensitive to oak. $6.99

Thanks, Peter - did you see the La Ferme Julien there?

Darn… didn’t look for it. Sorry.

With apologies to Steve Manzi…I had also seen this:Trader Joe's Wine Compendium: 2007 La Ferme Julien Côtes Du Luberon - $5.99

But I think I’ll give it a try (have to stop by TJs San Clemente tomorrow) after his rec and then finding this:" onclick=";return false;


I second, third, forth or fifth the recommendation of the La Ferme Julien Blanc. Looks like lots of praise here for the stuff.


Your TJ Le Ferme Julien shopper reporting in…

San Clemente had Red & Rose but no Blanc today. Sales guy said he thought more was coming on Sunday, but he wasn’t the ‘wine guy’, so??? The shelf tag for Blanc was still there, so it looks promising.

Maybe call Laguna Niguel or Mission Viejo??

Bought my beef chili and 4-cheese pizza and left. Staples for evenings when I must dine alone.

Don’t laugh, but I tasted the “Green Fin” white wine today out of TJ’s finest stemware (plastic NyQuil cup). It’s $3.99 in Oregon, slightly off-dry (I’m sensitive to RS, so it just makes it fatter for most) and it would be a crowd-please despite the unfortunate name and unfortunate label. And no, I have no clue what’s in it.