Decent Trader Joes whites?

I’ve got an upcoming party where I will proudly serve the P.B. Hein Syrah (BerserkerDay EXCLUSIVE, thank you very much!), but I likely will need a white wine as well.

Does anyone know of a $5-7-ish white wine at Trader Joes that is rather, in the terms of BottleNotes, ‘coiffable’?

Try this one:

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I’m calling Carrie and telling her to hit you.

What makes you think I’m going to help ? [pillow-fight.gif]
I have some scrumptious Rose that Will Segui can attest to, I’m happy to donate because
you’re such a prince of a guy neener

I owe you SO MUCH right now (with your donated time) that I will NEVER accept any form of charity from you ever.

How about a white, though? These folks are not wine geeks, so they will see ‘Rose’ as ‘White Zinfandel’…and I’m BUYING IT.

You should be able to find wines from Columbia Crest, Chateau St. Michelle . You didn’t say
what varietal of white or when you need them

I don’t want that much oaky Chardonnay in my house, so I’d rather go with Sauv Blanc, Viognier, Rhone stuff, or ‘blends’. I’d like to stay away from the mega-mall wineries, as I’m supposed to be passing as a wine geek.

they both make decent Rieslings in the $7 range. I don’t know of real drinkable SB’s in the $5 - 7 range but between TJ’s & Cost Plus they should have something . I wasn’t thinking Chard at all.

Just about any French, pardon the French, French, Vouvray would fit the bill. Crisp and tasty, it is especially good served cold on hot days. Should run between 6 and 10 a bottle.

The trader joes chilean sauv blan is actually pretty good and around $5

So far this year we’ve tried the VINTJS Chardonnay ($6) - reasonable fruit, but flabby - and the LeCheteau Vorvray (also $6) - simple but enjoyable. Both would probably work well as stand around, cocktail wines.

Picked up some Metz-Laugel Gewurztraminer Cuvée Michel Léon (Alsace, $10) but haven’t tried it yet. Some guy on CT seems to like it. Also have some of their Muscadet which I bet will end up being a bit thin.

Last year I used some of their Asti Spumante to good effect in a cocktail, the Jasmine Smiles:
1/2 oz each of Gin, Campari, Cointreau and Lemon Juice topped with 2-4 oz sparkling wine or champagne.

Blogs that review TJ wines: and
they might point you to something

Le Ferme Julien. The white is plenty good for the money. I’ve bought cases and cases of it for events for people, and have had it a dozen times. Absolutely nothing wrong with this one. Around $6 bucks here, maybe $7.

Thanks for the suggestions, folks.

I hate to say this but Manzi is right on the la ferme julien. Just don’t get the red. It isn’t very good IMO

pm Bob Wood.

I hate to admit this, by Tony is correct on all points. neener

Pass on the red. Don’t pass on the white for a second. For the price, I can’t think of a white with the same grape types that can beat it. Screw top too.

I often see the Clos LaChance unoaked Chardonnay in my local Safeway for around the $5-$7 mark.
That’s my go-to wine in this price range.

If you’re willing to try a sparkling wine and not just a white wine, try either the Prosecco or the RSVP from Trader Joe’s for about $6. Both of them are quaffable.


Seems to me they have a Marlborough sauvignon blanc that comes in right around $7 and it’s not bad.

Yeah I’ve had one called I think King Shag of all things that was good for the style.