De Negoce offer (Part 2)

Picked up some 17 and 25 - even at bottle shop minus 15%, pretty good QPR I think.


Not much left by 1 PM Pacific. Lot 140 Rocks Syrah is not a good wine, imo. An early disappointment for me, after initial OK bottle, recent ones have not impressed. Even at $17 not a good deal.

I passed on this new offer. These older bottles showing up at this late date make me wonder if some of these were returns from last summers shipment idioticy. At least, I would inspect the bottles in detail… dN says the customer satisfaction guarantee is only 90 days so it maybe in your best interest to try one bottle in the next 90 days to ensure the wine is good.


Yah the fact they finding random 1-2 cases left of stuff is rather sketchy. But I doubt they were shipped hot. Might have been returned though at some point.

Maybe someone’s past association with de Negoce had a cellar liberation for this offering?? Hmmm, who could be involved with that?

Cheers, Tim

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For those of you who have been holding off buying more dN wines and not impressed by the low discounts of the new owners, a wine website I have bought from has gone belly up and is liquidating their stock at up to 80% off. It’s called underground and there is a winebeserkers thread where customers recommend their favorites that are for sale:

I have some 68 stashed…

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Shhhh…me too. :wink:

Cheers, Tim

Same here. I drank 6 much too soon.
Marked my 2 remaining cases of #68, “ do not open until September 2024.”
I felt it needed more time……:wine_glass::wine_glass:


25% off entire stock on Wednesday.


I’m going on 2.5 months with no purchases. I just scanned the bottle shop and I don’t really see anything to temp me off the bench. 230 at $13.50 would likely be a good deal but still don’t need it.


Had literally the exact same reaction.

One day Cameron will rise from the ashes and a new venture will appear and blow up this website.


I am the same, have not bought in awhile. I might have the other day, but anything I would have bought was sold out before I could get to it. And the cellar is just still too full. I am expecting my last 2 cases of wine from BD15 to arrive soon, with no where to store it.

With that said, the three wines still left that I have had and like:
32: '18 Dry Creek Cab: I may be the only one, but I really love this Cab. I opened my most recent yesterday, after finishing a Day 2 Bevan (my first Bevan). I was thinking the 32 flavor would fall flat but it did great. It is not nearly as decadent as the Bevan but actually having the Bevan first may have tempered the Dry Creek Jaminess a bit. The 32 was so drinkable and delicious with a quick double decant. Only mistake I made was not transferring the little bit leftover into a small jar for the night. There was too much oxygen in the bottle for what was left and the day 2 was meh.

102: Walla Walla Cab. I only had twice. But enjoyed both times. Good QPR. Think this might have some age ability, but all mine are gone. Without going into detail, this does not taste like most Denegoce Cabs; the fruit is more muted, but in a good way. Which either makes the acidity more pronounced or it actually is a bit higher. I enjoyed it best with food, where the #32 I drink stand-alone.

230: Red Mountain Cabernet; is a solid choice with lots of positive WB commentary.


Same here, too!
Yet, I still am hoping/dreaming that in 365 days/12 months/1 year, we will be looking at wonderfully beautiful extremely extraordinary offers on 2023 REDS! Fantastic PN’s & CS’s :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass:
just hoping & Trying to keep the faith….


Yeah, as referenced in another thread on this site regarding the state of the wine industry, I bought plenty of wine the last couple years and have wine stuffed in file drawer cabinets and under the furniture. If I get any more wine I’ll have to buy more file cabinets.


That’s too bad, there is someone in CC selling 10 cases of year 1 De Negoce at cost. For anyone on the East coast you could literally back the truck up…

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Same here. I don’t even bother to read their emails anymore.

From August 2020 to Dec 2023, I purchased 726 bottles of 136 different wines.

2024, crickets


Where’s CC?

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