DC / DMV de Negoce tasting thread

Using this thread to organize a tasting of de Negoce wines for folks in the DC, MD, N. VA area - all part of the cult of Cam!


Ok - a few things we need to figure out, probably in order:

  1. Venue
  2. Date
  3. Which wines
  4. Who’s coming

Let’s worry about 1&2 first.

For 1 - very open to ideas of anyone has access to good spaces in the DMV. I’m based in Vienna for what that’s worth. Have had success doing events at some local restaurants but would need people to buy in to the dinner costs if we hope to get away without corkage fees. I’ve done a nice wine tasting at Clarity in Vienna where we brought our own and the chef curated a menu for us. But again open to options with or without dinner.


Guessing we could get 10-15 folks easily, especially if folks want to bring significant others. On my part, I split with my dad and good friend and imagine both of them might be in, and possibly my wife too.

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I’m in central Virginia so I’m not familiar with NVa venues, but would be happy to drive up with my hubby & maybe my son & his girlfriend depending on when/where.

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We live in West Springfield. Your description of the wine tasting at Clarity sounds ideal. There is an Italian place in Alexandria called Osteria Marzano that has a private room. I have no idea whether we could bring our own wine without a fee, but I could check if you would like.

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Thanks for organizing. Looking forward to participating. I’m in DC, but open to meeting within reason in the DMV. I’d personally prefer a tasting meetupn without a restaurant/dinner, as my experience with meetups at restaurants has been that there is not much mingling or being able to meet and talk to folks other than those you’re sitting next to, but I’d be open to try whatever the group decides is best.

Looking forward to it!


I am in Bethesda. No preference on venue but agree with Brian that being able to meet and talk to folks other than those you’re sitting next to would be high on my list.


Hi all, definitely part of the cult. I’m in Chevy Chase Maryland and would love to join Whatever works for everyone in DMV. I would also prefer a tasting only so we can mingle. Spouse will join. Thanks for starting this! I have been thinking about this for a long time and never got to it.



Love the interest! Am working on thinking through some different venues - trying to find somewhere that will allow us to bring our own booze and not charge us a ton for space rental, corkage or insurance. Have a couple leads but happy to hear of any other ideas too!

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Also interested and in Bethesda/ Potomac. Would echo that I’d prefer a meet up vs a dinner.

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Steve in Takoma Park. My wife and I are very interested. Is this thread the best method of communication? Clarification/more info on the comment above “moved to offline planner forum”?

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Yup this is it! They just moved this thread to a different category for easier searching

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I would be in for this, have plenty of De Negoce I could bring. DC based but don’t mind traveling a bit and fine with dinner or not.


I’m in central VA (about 70 miles S of DC), but interested in following where this goes…

Ok quick update. I’ve got my eyes on a couple of venues that can be had for reasonable cost and fit 20-30, maybe even scale up if needed. A couple questions for the group…

Given people are coming from all over the area I assume we are shooting for a Saturday or Sunday event (to avoid rush hour weekday travel). We could do afternoon - say 2-5ish or evening - say 6-8ish. What do folks prefer?

We wouldn’t do a full meal but would probably want some food - I’m thinking cheese, charcuterie, nuts, crackers kind of thing. Does that sound good? In addition to bringing wine, would folks be willing to contribute somewhere in the $20-30 range per person to cover venue and food costs?

I’m working on figuring out available dates and then will create a survey to nail down what works best for the most and get a closer headcount. With calendars and holidays I’m guessing either first half of November or first half of December.

Let me know your thoughts or any alternative ideas!


Thanks for doing this. Sounds fantastic. Everything sounds spot on and well thought through. I’d personally prefer more of an evening 6pm or after, but happy to go along with what is decided.

Perhaps we could all pitch in for any venue cost and folks could volunteer different things for the food aspect (charcuterie, cheese, etc.).

Thanks again. This will be fun. Looking forward to it.

Ok everyone, I have confirmed availability of a space in Vienna VA for a couple of dates in the first half of November. Would love if everyone could fill out a survey by the end of the weekend to see if enough can make one of these to go ahead and book it.

Please take the survey here: https://forms.gle/DqnSpcQNzPMhpxEp7

Thanks all!

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We are looking forward to this dN tasting and thank you for the work invested in making it happen. So far it looks like there might easily be 15-20 of us? I am keenly interested in the process of choosing the wines. I will note the obvious, one bottle per person is, in total, a lot of wine! Are we all a “taste and spit” group? I haven’t done that in quite a while! Should the best date for the group be the first weekend in November, my wife and I will not be able to attend, however, we will find an opportunity to open something interesting and raise a glass to you all. Cheers.