Danny Meyer tip-inclusion confusion

Last night, my old girlfriend, another WineBerserker, and I ate dinner and opened
some of our own wines in the tavern section of Gramercy Tavern. Everything was
fine, and I paid the bill, adding my usual, very ample tip. Well, this morning, I
realized why the bill seem a tad high, before my add-on. The tip was ALREADY
included, but I forgot and thereby double-tipped. Doh!

Worse yet, this is the second time which I have recently done so at a Danny Meyer
restaurant, the other being at North End Grill. The other WineBerserker apparently
did so himself, when we last were there for dinner.

Have you ever do so? Surely, many of you have, but simply have not realized yet.
At my upcoming dinner at Maialino, my cellphone will be set to buzz at mid-dinner,
as a reminder.

The staff must have spotted me as a doofus, well in advance. We walked in at
8:30PM on a busy Saturday night without reservations, and somehow got seated
very quickly. [wow.gif] As self-rationalization, I am telling myself that the extra
tip was my way to throw away some money, to celebrate a personal milestone. strawman

I’m surprised that they haven’t updated both their check format to remind patrons of the tip inclusive pricing and their credit card slip format to remove the tip line.

gramercy tavern has not yet switched to hospitality included, and neither has north end grill. so that’s why there was a tip line on the checks.

you’re confused.

when you dine at maialino, you’ll not see a tip line.

Bern’s does this as well I believe. I think I left a crazy high tip there one night. Very upset about it the next morning.

That inconsistency itself adds to my confusion.

we can’t solve all your problems - there are too many.

you should update your post though as it’s factually incorrect.

for future reference…


The Alinea group restaurants do this but on the receipt stamped on the tip line is a big 20% service charge included. Impossible to miss but enough room to add extra if you so desire.


[rofl.gif] [rofl.gif] [rofl.gif]

this is a different execution. At the DM restaurants, there’s no separate line item. All the menu prices have been increased, to varying degrees. When the bill arrives, there’s just a signature line. Unless you leave cash on the table, there is no possibility of adding to the bill.

And that’s why Hong’s post is wrong on every possible level.

Except the doofus part. flirtysmile

So corkage is included as well?

Not sure who you are referring to but the Alinea group does not allow corkage. So it isn’t an issue. (at least from a tipping standpoint)


At Maialino, there’s no tip line anymore. And if you try to hand extra money to the somm or waiters or anyone else, they won’t take it.

Prices have gone up to reflect, but as of my last visit, the corkage has not changed, still $30 per bottle.

So, of course, bringing your own wine is now a ridiculous bargain.

isn’t victor hong a famous risk-type person on wall street?

I think Bern’s is only 10 or 12%.

I thought he sold noodles.


I had a brief cameo role as the Chinese delivery guy in a recent big
movie about mortgage trading. Nobody noticed. [cray.gif]

victor can you please post a pic of the receipt? i’m curious.

Ideally with cc number and expiration date visible. Thanks in advance!

OP wanted to sound like a baller by double-tipping, but in actuality was just drunk and confused. It happens to the best of us.