Campania, Uptown location. Five dollars corkage.

Amici’s Signature Italian

Suze at NwHwy/Midway $25 corkage fee, but could be worth it.
Farnatchi on the southwest corner of 75 & Knox. Great simple Italian food and completely BYOB.

Campania is great…a friend of mine owns it and I love it.

A little further away, but a place very similar to Campagnia is Cavalli Pizza - traditional and delicious Neopolitan pizza. $2.50 corkage last time I was there. 3801 Regent Blvd. Irving TX 75063

Others not yet mentioned:

  • Parigi on Oak Lawn - $25 corkage
  • Citrus Bisto (French Seafood oriented menu) Preston and Royal - $5 corkage at last check
  • The Kozy Kitchen 4433 McKinney Ave. Dallas, TX 75205 - BYOB, no Corkage

Dali allows BYOB inspite of their emphasis on their own wine program. Admirable really.

Is this generally known to the Dallas public at large? Or, is it for the “insiders”?

Policy. They are beer and wine only, not mixed-beverage facility, so it’s allowed. If this were really a concern, PM would be best.

Unfortunately, Dali has closed. Very sorry to see it go. Tough business.

(Irrelevant now, but Paul wanted to be known as “wine friendly” and didn’t want to discourage his loyal customers from bringing special bottles at Dali. But, at the same time he didn’t want to become known as BYO haven. He would never refuse anyone BYO though. One of the great guys on the Dallas restaurant scene and I hope he ends up in a good situation!)


Man, that sucks. Had many pleasurable events there.

Eno’s Pizza and Bolla in the Bishops Art District are both BYOB friendly and are both around $10 per bottle.

I thought Bolla was at the Stoneleigh in Uptown? Is there another one, or similarly named restaurant? Or, maybe you meant Bolsa?

(If it’s Bolsa, can you give details on how you brought the wine in since they have a full bar which usually precludes BYO?)



My typo it is Bolsa not Bolla in Bishop Arts. Yeah we just called ahead and asked and they said no problem. I think they charged us $10 a bottle. Took a bottle of Chard for while the sun was still up and then 2 cabs not on their menu.

Bacci’s Pizza in addison

http://www.baccis.net/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

No corkage…they provide glasses…but its nothing exciting.

Food is decent, stromboli was good, pizza was just ok…they have tons more on the menu (sandwiches, pasta, salad, entrees, etc…)

Just ran across this -


I agree with everything on that list except Eden. We went to Eden one time and it flat out sucked. We haven’t been back since.

Not BYO…but maybe something looking into for the DFW peeps -


Sad note - Amici’s burned today.



Damn that sucks. Wonder if it was performing poorly.

MoMo’s pasta on KNox allows byow and the corkage is $10. Went last friday with a bottle of Loring pinot from berserkerday.

Zorba’s on Preston in Plano has no corkage fee.