Do we want to include Fort Worth and the Mid Cities in this list?

P-Rob, you can remove Amici’s from the master list. I’m pretty certain at this point that Bartolino is not going to re-open after the fire.

Went to Suze for my birthday a couple of weeks ago and was only charged $25 and we brought 2 750ml and 1 dessert 375ml.

That isn’t always the case. Most occasions that’s absolutely true but I’ve seen them completely at random get a bug up their a$$ and pop the table for $25.00 per bottle.

Il Cane Rosso does BYOB on Wednesdays


A note on the pizza’s…go simple.

The Commissary (in One Arts Plaza) has a very reasonable Corkage policy, which I think successfully strikes a balance between the needs of the wine geek and the commercial needs of the business.

First, let me note that their wine list is terrific, but will appeal much more to the “Anti-Flavor Wine Elite” than to lovers of SQN and Chris Ringland Spanish wines. The list is filled with reasonably priced quirky wines that make you curious to order just to try them (including bottles of Beajolais Blanc, Assyrtiko, Blaufrankisch, Ribolla, Charbono, Dornfelder, etc.)…The majority of whites were clustered in the $30-$47 range (and most of the reds, $45 to $70), with some number of exceptions in both directions. The unique thing was the pricing–I would say the price of most of these wines was something like 40%-70% above the normal retail price (which is terrific compared to the normal 100%-300% above retail you pay at most restaurants).

Anyway, the corkage policy (if I understood it correctly–don’t rely on me without verifying first) was that you could bring one bottle in, corkage free, for each bottle you purchase off their list. In addition, you were allowed up to 2 ADDITIONAL bottles at $20 corkage per bottle. (The usual caveats apply–e.g. no BYOB allowed if it’s a wine already on their list, etc.). This might not be great for a giant BYOB wine blowout dinner where each person wants to bring 4 bottles, but it is terrific if you just want to go to dinner with your wife or significant other, so you can buy a nice Champagne or white from their list, then share a special bottle from your cellar.

Regarding the food, I will withhold judgement as I was only there once (and it was a special fixed-price menu prepared for our group), but it struck me as quite good and certainly promising.

Back in the day, Terilli’s allowed corkage - $20 or $25. I don’t know if they will now that they have reopened. And what’s with the Italian restaurants burning down anyway??

Mr Wok. 14th near the intersection of Jupiter in Plano. No corkage. Some if not the best Peking Duck in the Dallas area. Must order the duck 24 hours in advance.

Joe, was it Urbano that we went to last year? We really enjoyed that place.

Yep, It was Urbano. My go to BYOB place in Dallas.

Whoa. I just had a flashback of that wonderful venison carpacio. flirtysmile

Fino’s Italian Bistro in Plano is BYOB.
Rick’s Chophouse in McKinney charges $25 per bottle but I have paid nothing if I let the wine steward taste. Not sure this works every time but worth a try.
Gregory’s Bistro also in McKinney is BYOB.
Covino’s in Plano is BYOB. No corkage.

I have found that quite a few places with full bars will allow BYOB for a price but it is always best to call and ask. The policies have changed on me to so I always confirm before going.

New to the forum, but our favorite BYOB place, far and away, is the Cafe Italia on Northwest Highway in Grapevine. There is a second Grapevine location on Highway 26 which is also good, but we prefer the original location.

Went to Suze on Saturday night and brought 3 bottles but was only charged corkage for 2= $50. It’s a bit pricey however their food is so good and priced well so it all evens out.

Commisaryy update since Tesar is gone…they still have a great diverse, quirky wine list at very reasonable prices…corkage is $20

Thanks for the update Alston. I haven’t been keeping up. Where is Tesar now?

Tesar is getting ready to start a privately funded new project this fall called Spoonbread I think. he has been doing private dinners etc…Another update, I went to Teppo on Lower Greenville last night. The food was outstanding but the service was slow and the hostess was a wretched bitch and that is being nice. Corkage is $25/ bottle and their wine list is very weak.

Thanks Alston.

Zio Cecio on Lovers Ln west of Inwood has a great atmosphere and corkage is $20. The food i had was hit and miss but it is new and i may have ordered the wrong things. I thought the foccacia was nice and my pasta was an interesting twist on carbonara.

Looks like they have a decent sized wine list. They normally allow BYOB or did you have to discuss it with them a bit in advance if you get my drift?

I called and asked and they said ok.