Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm

We want to pair down our trip to Scandinavia for budget reasons. If you could only pick or visit two of these cities, which two? Thanks.

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Copenhagen and Stockholm. Two of my favorite cities on earth. Oslo is great too but, at least for me, not quite as beautiful or exciting. But if you could squeeze in some time in the Fjords…


Thanks @RyanC. We’re going to be in the fjord region for 5 days staying in Bergen and Alesund. We’re just trying to figure out how to cut some time out of our initial plans to visit these cities.


If that’s the case Oslo and copenhagen

Copenhagen is the must see of the 3

Oslo and Stockholm are pick’em. Given u are already in Norway. I’d just do Oslo

Copenhagen is a no-brainer.

Between Oslo and Stockholm is a bit tricky. For the record, I am born and raised in Oslo and have lived here most of my life, but for a tourist, I think Stockholm is better. However, as you are going to the western Norway, it makes a lot more sense to go to Oslo, Stockholm is a bit of a detour.


We loved Stockholm and have been their twice pre-Covid. So much to do and great foodie scene.

Never been to Oslo, but heading to Copenhagen this spring as our nephew is studying there. Looking forward to see what’s going on there with the likes of Noma and Geranium.

I should start by saying that I’m from Stockholm for bias purposes :slight_smile:

I have spent time in all three cities and I would personally drop Oslo out of the three. You will get more out of the other two as city tourists. At least to me, what makes Norway special is the nature and you will get that quite a bit anyway during the west coast visit.

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Copenhagen And Stockholm. No brainer. Oslo is also lovely, but should be paired with a fjord tour.