Copenhagen and Amsterdam recommendations

Did a search but most entries are 4 to 5 years old. Looking for current restaurant, wine bar, wine shop and bakery recommendations. Would also welcome unique recommendations on what to do or visit that is not in the usual travel guided.


Bumping this…. Heading to both cities in June and would love recommendations- particularly for Amsterdam. Thanks!

Here this week:
Copenhagen - for good wine list.

  • kodbyen fiskebar
  • bar vin
  • anarki
  • melee

First two I went. Last two aren’t open this week but recommended by the somms at fiskebar

Higher end:
Geranium was great. I think we preferred to Noma
Noma ain’t bad either tho.

Rent bikes from Day 1 in Copenhagen.

Noma was very good (veggie season) but sitting at the communal table made it much better. We also biked there from Vesterbro and biked back with about a bottle of wine in us. Good fun. has a good guide to Copenhagen.

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I’m looking for hotel recommendations for Amsterdam. I tried the Pulitzer but they are booked for our dates. I would appreciate any suggestions.

Unless you want to try something different and get a houseboat?

Thank you, Bruce, I would like a hotel.

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I’d guess that this place would be in the travel guides, but if you get jaded with fine restaurants dining, head over to Foodhallen in Amsterdam west and enjoy the world-wide offerings in this cool food hall.

Cafe de Klepel in Amsterdam (near the Ann Frank House) is very good with a very decent wine list

In addition to cafe de Klepel and Foodhallen (both enjoyable), Had a very nice meal at Restaurant Guts in Amsterdam

The Grand Hotel in Amsterdam was tremendous.Great location and service.They upgraded us to a suite and after we checked in to our room a few minutes later a man knocked on the door and introduced himself as our “Butler” and asked if we wanted him to unpack our belongings. After a polite no thank you he expressed his desire to help us in anyway with information pertaining to the city. A few minutes after that a cheese plate and a bottle of champagne arrived. Every Day after returning from sightseeing there was another cheese platter with a bottle of wine in our dining room. The breakfast buffet at the hotel could’ve been the best selection I have ever seen. I overheard another table asking if they had blueberry juice and the server so let me check. Two minutes later A fresh pitcher arrived with what seemed to be all the Blueberries in Amsterdam.
An incredible experience and highly recommended.

Just got back from Amsterdam yesterday. They are tearing up the city…So much construction everywhere. but doesnt really hamper you unless you are planning on driving in the heart of the city.
Had a wonderful meal at BAK. Probably my favorite restaurant I’ve been to in Amsterdam so far. Had an 08 clos de chenes off the list at like $170. And every dish we had was fantastic. Heres the menu (they also do tasting menu)
Screen Shot 2022-06-07 at 3.48.37 AM.png

I enjoyed the Foodhallen and BAK recommendations. Personally, I had a couple of crushable natty bottles at La Dilletante but Restaurant Wils stole the show.

I went with the suggested “premium” pairing (combo of being lazy and not knowing their food) and I was blown away by all but one.

The Somm there had clearly chosen well and prepared these wines to be singing the second they hit the glass. All were very expressive/intense without muscle. Also very interesting but correct.

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Curious if anyone who has been to Geranium recently (or not!) has thoughts on approach to the wine list:

Heading there later this week - it’s quite a list!

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Please report back on your experience - we are heading their in April. Also looking at Alchemist.

Sure thing! I’m also heading to Sollerod Kro, Barr, Amass, Sushi Anaba and Anarki.

Alchemist was on my list, too, but I’ll be doing a fair amount of solo dining and they only take reservations for 2, 4 or 6.

Should be a fun trip!

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Great list. Get the schnitzel at Barr!

Done! That was lunch yesterday. Very good and a nice wine and beer list, too.

Sushi Anaba for lunch today then Anarki tonight. I’m certainly not starving here…

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Great wine list at:

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