COMMERCE CORNER RULES (Read BEFORE posting, i.e. 25 post minimum, no retail, no commenting on pricing in any form, etc)

Please see the rules posted above.

25 post minimum to create a new thread/post your offer to Commerce Corner. This is done in order to prevent drive-by posts from users who have not yet established themselves as part of the community. Commerce Corner is designed as a benefit to those who are active in this community. If it is determined that you use Commerce Corner solely for financial gain, without any valuable contribution to the community as a whole, your access to Commerce Corner will be removed.

NO public comments about pricing or the thread author’s offer on the forum - if you have a comment, criticism, or offer to make, take it to PM, not here.

Retailers/ITB: If you are going to post an offer or LTB here on the forum, you must be a BerserkerBusiness member (contact me via Private Message for details). Your post will show a username in bold blue, which means you are a BerserkerBusiness member, and therefore allowed to make commercial posts here. Commercial posts made by those who are not BerserkerBusiness members will be immediately removed by Moderators.


Take all precautions you can to ensure the validity of potential buyers and sellers. Caveat emptor - do your homework!

As soon as a deal has been agreed, the seller should post a “SOLD” message for that wine within the thread.

Do not comment negatively on prices being asked by a seller. The seller is free to price their wines as they wish.

Do not comment on the quality of a wine being sold. Tastes differ, bottle differ and it is not for others to comment on wines being sold, either positively or negatively.

Using Paypal to pay does incur some transaction charges, but Paypal allows payment by Credit Card. Most Credit Card companies will compensate for online fraud (check the details with your card issuer).

Report any suspicious activity to forum moderator


Members who are regular, active participants in the main forums of are likely to have most success in selling wines.

Check the current market value of your wine (using a service like wine-searcher) before setting a price.

State clearly what is being sold (wine identity, vintage, number of bottles or cases, condition, provenance, etc.).

State the price you are asking clearly, or whether you are open to offers. If willing to part-exchange, state this too.

State clearly delivery arrangements and charges. Check likely charges with a service like this one and remember to include insurance if desired. Please make clear any restrictions or conditions on where you will send wine up-front.

Mark an item as “SOLD” as soon as it is sold.


Check prices using wine-searcher. Remember that wine-searcher does not include tax.

It is strongly recommended that all negotiation takes place as part of the thread, not by email or private message. Not only will this minimize the possibility of “gazumping” (Gazumping - Wikipedia), but it also prevents a dishonest seller negotiating with more than one party without other parties being aware. If you purchase a wine please do make sure the seller posts a “SOLD” notice in the thread as soon as the sale is complete.

Do not gazump if a wine is marked as “SOLD”.

Consider paying by Paypal so that you may be able to enjoy Credit Card protection. Perhaps suggest covering, or splitting, the Paypal commission with the seller.

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Thanks Mark neener

Just kidding!!!

Isn’t the first rule of commerce corner, not to talk about commerce corner. [berserker.gif]


How about comments on the age of certain delicate board members? [cry.gif]

As long as it is not an offer to make…

Update on the rules - no more 10 post count required to create a thread. We’ll trust the community (and the everpresent hall monitors on this specific forum) to keep things under control with regard to spammers.

This seems to have been in place for some time already?

where did the “new topic” button go on CC?

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I see it on the bottom left of the forum page directly above Return to Board index.

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maybe I have been banned newhere

duh, first post in this thread explains. Didn’t realize there was new info. Am listed as a donor but I guess my status has expired.

This is clearly aimed at Tyco! neener [stirthepothal.gif]

I’ve rescinded the new rule, and contacted all new Donors (donations made after the rule change) of it, offering refunds as needed.

Wuss! neener

I think you should require anyone who has 75% of their post in commerce corner to be donors. I mean one guy had 43 posts total and 40 of them are in CC.

I’m a little confused, is donor status on of pets or a donation to wine berserkers? I’m new here, where can I find feedback on the CC? This looks much like RP’s how is the community here?

Donor status is based on donations. If you look on any page, in the upper right, you’ll see a button that says “Donate”. This is a user supported site, so although completely optional, it is much appreciated by all. Feedback is it’s own subforum within the CC forum (you can find it at the top of the CC forum.

and most importantly, welcome to the board!

I’m not confused about the rules, but I’ll admit that this post has me mystified

I think he was asking if one can donate their pet for dinner. As here:

How did Eric’s cat post get this moved to Wine Talk? [scratch.gif]