COMMERCE CORNER RULES (Read BEFORE posting, i.e. 25 post minimum, no retail, no commenting on pricing in any form, etc)

I was wondering why this wasn’t pinned in the Commerce Corner.

Awesome, Eric The Disruptor! Very out of character for me.

Nah, I’ve figured you out. Watch me trigger a disruptive outburst.

“My Wines”


It worked! We’re back in CC!

You must have clicked your heels twice too, no?

One practice I find strange on this forum is that people bump threads with “SOLD”. Given the fact that the author can edit the thread, it is unnecessary, and only serves to move threads with items still for sale off of the first page.

Speaking of the threads renamed “SOLD”: Is it possible to just add “SOLD” to the end of the thread title (leaving the name of the wine offered)? It gets a little confusing when you know you saw a wine for sale, then all of a sudden it’s nowhere to be found. You may think it would be easy to find out what wine was for sale by opening the thread, but not only does this waste time, it’s not always possible:

Wow, this is fugged up

New 25-post minimum rule now in place. Hoping it works, and hoping that the ‘newly registered users’ will still be able to post at will elsewhere.

Thanks, Todd

I’m bumping this thread because there are several dozen people who have tried to post on Commerce Corner and have their posts in queue, but those posts won’t be added to CC because they don’t yet meet the minimum post count.

PLEASE read the rules BEFORE posting here…

can i ask how the “post count” is… well, counted? is it only posts that a member has initiated themselves, or does it include replies?

All posts - numbers of threads a user has started is seen only in their profile

BUMPING this thread, as I’ve had several issues today with those who haven’t seen it, though it is a ‘Read BEFORE Posting’ sticky…

Todd - just to clarify the minimum post count is for all posts or just new threads? Thought it was for new threads but my I haven’t seen my responses come out of moderation yet.

Bumping this thread because even though the title states ‘read BEFORE posting’, there are still many who do not…

I did a search for liquor laws in my state regarding private sales like this, and I can’t find anything. How do I find out if I’m breaking any laws by posting wine here and then shipping it?

Got post count to 26 but no access to sell on cc

17 posts in 2hrs. You are reaching Ken V status!

Nope, this isn’t disingenuous at all.

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Thanks Todd…

Please help me get to where I need to post my collection of Wine for sale to help in financial crisis.