Folks, while we already have a well-loved ‘Feedback’ sub forum for Commerce Corner, it was suggested that we include a sticky here atop Commerce Corner specifically for NON-payers or NON-senders in any transaction. Please post your issue here, and if you get paid, eventually, consider removing the name from your post (wholly up to you)

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Maybe NON-SENDERS, too?

Done, Curtis.

So Curtis Done is the first deadbeat to be named and shamed? pileon

My real name is Not, Sure.

Does this mean that Commerce Corner Feedback can no longer be relied on for “wine board trash”? [hitsfan.gif]

(In fairness, of course, the percentage of such threads was quite small.)

Where the hell is my case of 2012 Brawndo?!? I’m thirsty, and my tomato plants are craving the electrolytes.


Adrian Walsh, NON-sender after a year of back and forth BS. What I get from him is: “The wines are in Napa, no the wines are in New York, no the wines are in Europe.” Multiple promises to ship overnight, but no action. Now, he will not return my messages. My patience has run out so I’m outing him on this board. Money was wired to him on July 21, 2013 with the plan so ship in the fall when the temps dropped, but he never followed thru after many exchanges.

The Full Berserker Commerce Corner.

Never a buyer from Adrian, but many times a seller and all transactions have gone extremely smooth. Sorry for the experience.

Still waiting for Adrian Walsh to pay for wine he ordered from me…over 2 months since last reply.

An update for everyone. Adrian has refunded my money as of today. I never received the wines that were paid for, so some caution is advised. I’m not sure exactly what the issue was, and communication was sporadic at times, but he did “make me whole” in the end.

I kinda feel commerce corner should be for private buys and sells not for those ITB. Might eliminate some problems.

It is now - if you find ITBers selling commercially on Commerce Corner, please report the threads so we can take action

Do you think it should extend to ITBers buying too? See post 12 above.

don’t send unopened packs of sports cards to Global Authority in Iowa. ALmost a year and never got them back. Unable to contact. No luck going through BBB or State Attorney General. Legal action next.

This is the right place for this, correct? newhere

What about Brokers? May not be retail, but definitely ITB- just curious where the line is drawn?

Aaron lynch…fraud!