In other words, people who are not breaking the law.

You don’t know what it’s like, you don’t have a clue
If you did you’d find yourself, doing the same thing too

Many of us know what it’s like but we state what happened, not just make a claim without explanation.

See the thread in the comments section.

Fine, I’ll tell you…

There I was, completely wasted, out of work and down. I was all excted, so frustrated, as I drift from town to town.

Should someone who agreed to a trade and then disappeared be mentioned, or is this strictly for cash changing hands?

Adrain Walsh strikes again. Non-payer for recent Scarecrow allocation.

Adrain has not paid after three plus weeks and wine has shipped.

My reply to Bill’s PM today:

i can wire or paypal today - you will have your money immediately

re - the cheque has been sent - i promise on my life…

i have no need to lie. i have bought over 10 sets and everyone has been paid. why would i lie about yours?

I am also happy to do a western union cash payment. he insisted on a cheque?

Issue on my end is resolved and wine should be in Adrian’s hands.

Sorry for the drama.

Adrian has ur contact info changed? Having trouble getting thru with email.

Adrian Walsh committed to buying 3 cases of hill farmstead a month ago, still have not received payment after checking in weekly for the past month. No reply from my latest PM on Monday, after the previous week saying he would wire the money Monday.

Is he in France? IIRC, the banks are closed on Mondays

I don’t know Adrian. But there have been several threads about him. If you want a quick and seemless transaction you might want to look elsewhere. Not saying anyone has been cheated. But he is the Lon Chaney of excuses.

I’ve been chasing Adrian for payment or an alternate solution for a deal we made close to 6 months ago and just received an email today from him looking to buy more wine. In years past, Adrian has normally paid in a reasonable amount of time, but the endless excuses and lack of response since committing to buy items in March 2016 are discouraging and beyond frustrating. No payments, no replies to email, very slow response to phone/text. Hope to work it out and this is just a one time thing but my patience expired long ago.

Received wire today for above stated issue.

Perhaps you need to find some sort of way to Adrian pay first, within a specified time, before you remove any listing for sale???

Adrian has owed me money since November. Kept promising he was going to take care of it. Now when i send an e-mail to him i don’t even get a reply. All i want is my money…he has the bourbon. [truce.gif]

all done?

Adrian setteled up. I have done business with him many times in the past with out the least bit of an issue so this had me really confused. He made everything good. Thanks adrian!! [cheers.gif]