Colors, font sizes, underlining when posting?

I figure this has been asked and answered but I can’t find it so apologies if it’s old news…

Is there a way to change text color font size to add emphasis when composing a post? Or are we limited to bold, italics, and underline?

Also, is there a shortcut for underlining that’s faster than placing “u” in brackets before and “/u” in brackets after the text?

I get a fancy-pants markdown box ^^ on my PC that I can highlight the text and select either bold or italic

Two asterisks before and after get you bold, one on either side gets you italic
I don’t see anything for underline

On my ipad, I just highlight it and can select b/i/u

Some things work, some don’t

Some text

Some text

Some text

[color=red]Some text[/color]

[size=50]Some text[/size]

[font=courier]Some text[/font]

Thank you. I’m not getting that menu on my iPad that typically pops up when I highlight while composing something like an email.

On my MacBook, I can get a “Font/Show Colors” menu to pop up when right-clicking highlighted text, but it doesn’t do anything.

I don’t believe the software supports bbcode for color.

There’s a 3rd party plug-in

How do you quote someone’s post? I’ve been hitting reply but that won’t include the original post in my post.

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It’s covered in a bunch of threads, here is the main one

Basically if you’ve already hit ‘reply’ you can click the speech button to retroactively add the whole post as a quote


Or just highlight what text in the post you want to quote and just that goes in, when you click ‘quote’ which comes up after highlighting

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Click the icon with 3 lines on the top right of the post editor. The menu will appear with all the choices for bold etc

Yes, good lesson on ALL mobile sites - the three lines is a menu expansion, as everything can’t fit on a tiny mobile screen, so play around, click things that open up to new things!

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No such menu on my iPad, which is running iOS 15.6.1.

Also, any idea why Safari has appropriated the Washington Post logo as an icon for the WB tab?

That’s not Safari, it’s YOUR safari - it’s your favicons with a conflict. The ‘official’ one is this


Yeah, I know it’s not you, it’s me. Not a big deal, it wondered if there was a place on the I
Pad/Safari settings to fix it.

I had the old WB favicon in mine, had to delete the entire browser cache to ‘start over’ with all new favicons - several changed, but after all this work I HAD to have the new one - very strange you get Wapo’s logo, however…

Totally understand. Tried deleting WB website data to no avail. Maybe I need to do it on all my devices. If that doesn’t work and I need to dump all website data, I hope you’re not too insulted if I pick the WaPo icon over your spiffy new one. Like I said, it’s not you. It’s me. :cheers:

This is a test to see what HTML formatting is permitted by the new software, and this seemed like the most relevant thread to stick it in. Mods, feel free to delete or move if it’s necessary.

H1 Heading

H2 Heading

H3 Heading

H4 Heading

H5 Heading
H6 Heading

Underline (HTML)
Underline (span with CSS)
Underline (bbCode)

  • unordered list item
  • unordered list item
  • unordered list item
  1. ordered list item
  2. ordered list item
  3. ordered list item

I am having trouble getting html with target to work.

here is code w/o angle brackets…a href=“” target=“_blank”…/a

here is the link Push Me!

More added later…

intermix bbcode with html?

try Push Me!

or possibly the surl code has been loaded try [surl=]Push Me![/surl]

ok it does not seem to be loaded. not sure we can do that.

humm, now that worked ok.

but it does not work when i post to prelaunch form. maybe i am not posting it correctly. ?

Push me for Google

This what you want? Need the entire url

Push me for Google ](

Put a [ in front and ) at the end

Thanks, that worked.

I saw in previous reply that you have to add an extension to get some features (e.g., colored, sized text, etc.).

is this extension loaded on a per-page basis, or some other scope?
is there a place in WB to see possible extensions to turn on?