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*** Top Tier Willamette Valley Pinots * Southern Oregon Malbec Blends ***
*** Old World Influenced Riesling & Sekt * Dark & Broody Gamay Noir ***

Hello again Berserkers!
Greetings from Amity, Oregon, in the Willamette Valley’s Eola-Amity Hills AVA. I’m excited to be back for our 6th Berserker Day, a day with deals so good it takes a full year for our dopamine levels to regulate. I’ve put together some deals that I strongly suggest you consider while sitting down, in a safe space, and wearing your Amazing-Wine-Deal Anti-Drool Bib. (that’s definitely wine in her mug). This year I am also raffling off a FREE 3 bottle vertical of Silas Wines Pinots. Details below. Because of the interest and support from Berserkers, we are very happy to offer deals that I can honestly say nobody else gets from Silas. Not Friends, not Family, not Nobody. A big Thank You all for the support and interest-I love hearing from you, meeting you around the country or in Amity at the tasting room.


Alex Clark - Winemaker, Janitor, Cellar Rat, HR Director, Assistant to the General Manager.

First things first: YES, I ship to you! When ordering through my website I use Vinoshipper to fulfill and ship to 40+ states. If your State isn’t on there, post in the thread below, or email me and I will put your order in. alex@silaswines.com

Make sure you comment below to enter the Raffle for a FREE 3 year vertical Silas Wines Pinots. Winner chosen randomly from all posts (yes, you can post more than once, if you’ve got more than one thing to say!) at 8PM PST. Shipped to your door for free, and all you had to do was comment. With releases this late in the day on Berserker Day, thread comments really REALLY help. Hard work, but someone’s gotta do it.


We make good wine in Oregon from organic and biodynamic grapes, picked early for acidity, spontaneous fermented, 18-20 months on lees, aged in bottle for 3-6 years (or until they’re singing) before release. Yes, that 2016 is a current vintage. That 2014 as well. Pinot, of course, but also amazing Malbecs, dark and broody Gamays, and pretty wild Rieslings. Old school, old world process. Fingers and toes are stained burgundy until after the holidays. You should buy some.

More information about Silas Wines and our story below, but for now let’s get to the fun part!

General Berserker Day Details and Shipping info:

First off, to order wine: Shop Silas Wines. All Berserker Deals are up on our website-and will disappear at the end of Berserker Day.

Shipping: I ship to 40+ states through the website NJ Berserkers: I ship to you! CT Berserkers, I ship to you! Post in the forum and I will reply! (Or email me alex@silaswines.com).

Don’t see your state? No problem, I can almost certainly get you wine! Post in the forum, send me a message, and I’ll get your order entered.

FLAT RATE SHIPPING Just $20/box in the contiguous 48. Buying a 3-Pack? Buying a case? If it fits into a box, it costs $20. Combine deals and you save more on shipping. Wine Ships UPS Ground, once the weather looks good. Probably the first week of March. AK and HI ship Next Day Air. NOTE: No need for a code for any of the Berserker Offers-the $20 Shipping is already built in and will show up at checkout.

******************** THE DEALS ********************

Silas Wines has some eye-watering offers for you this Berserker Day, STARTING at 25% off and going UP TO 45% off retail and flat-rate shipping, including some library wines, unreleased bottles, and a SIX-PINOT VERTICAL (Supply limited as it contains some Library Wine)! There is also a completely silly multi-case deal where you can score top tier Pinot for under $20 bottle. The offers are below, and more information about Silas wines is at the bottom of the page. Sneaky Deal for those of you that read the fine print: I’ll give you Free Range on my site, so you can put together your own wine packs, should you want to delve deep. Use the code BDXV at checkout for 25% off and flat rate shipping on any bottles you want! This can be used all on its own, or to get an existing order up to a case to cash in on the flat rate shipping

***** To enter the Raffle for a 3 year vertical Silas Wines Pinots, just comment on this post in the forum. I will randomly select a winner at 8PM PST and post the winner! *****

I have SIX, no, SEVEN! ridiculous offers for you, Berserkers:

Offer #1 SOLD OUT
Gamay Noir Trifecta – 3 bottles

· 2014 Gamay – Malbec Blend

· 2018 Optimist Gamay Noir Croft Vineyard, Mt Pisgah AVA

· 2021 Optimist Gamay Noir Croft Vineyard, Mt Pisgah AVA

Our love of making Gamay started in 2014 with our version of a Cheverny table wine: about half and half Gamay Noir to Malbec, dark, rustic, jammy. From there we moved on to our pure Gamay Noir, trying to encapsule what we love about Cru Beaujolais: Whole cluster, somewhat reductive ferments that become nuanced, dark, fascinating Gamay Noirs. (Check out the wet slate and violet flower on the 2018.)

Retail $117 vs. BDXIV DEAL TODAY $88 (25% SAVINGS)! Order Here

Offer #2
Malbec – Viognier Blend Trifecta– 3 bottles

· 2015 Optimist Malbec (10%Viognier)

· 2016 Optimist Malbec/Viognier (20% Viognier, co-fermented)

· 2017 Optimist Malbec (20% Viognier)

These Malbec-Viognier blends, like Cahors meets Côte-Rôtie, are one of a kind and a unique take on what Malbec can be. Not just a bruiser meant for a steakhouse, we’ve made a host of Malbec converts who are tired of being able to light matches off their soft palate after a glass of Mendoza (cool party trick though it may be.). Aromatic blue fruit, floral perfume and a velvet rope softness. Malbec from Applegate Valley AVA, Viognier from 1700 ft elevation Colombia Gorge AVA

Retail $165 vs. BDXIV DEAL TODAY $124 (25% SAVINGS)! Yes, Please

Offer #3
Riesling Trifecta – 3 bottles (the 23rd best wine in the world…?)

· 2020 Take 1 Bois Joli Riesling Eola-Amity Hills AVA

· 2020 Take 2 Bois Joli Riesling Eola-Amity Hills AVA

· 2020 Bois Joli Champagne Method Riesling (7g/L)

OK, I’m a Riesling junkie. I will take a well made Mosel, or Kremstal, or what have you, over almost any white wine out there, and many reds. IYKYK. I ran a wine bar in NYC called Ost Café (German for East), down the street from Paul Grecco’s Terroir, and only served wines from the footprint of the Hapsburg Empire. It was the East Village, and nobody batted an eye. Needless to say, Riesling featured heavily. I love this grape. It’s just So. Damn. Versatile. It continues to confound, excite and blow my mind. Sweet. Dry. Aromatic. Austere. Sekt Bubbly. Etc… This is a 3 pack of the Silas treatment of Bois Joli Vineyard Riesling. Two still versions, stopped 36 hours apart, and one champagne method, Brut (7g/L dosage), light sediment from my riddling process (ask me more…. It involves a forklift and lots of eye rolling) The only other winery making Bois Joli Riesling is Brooks, and their 2019 just got voted the 23rd best wine in the world by WE. You should probably buy this.

Retail $93 vs. BDXIV DEAL TODAY $70 (25% SAVINGS)! drool…

Offer #4
ROSÉ, WHITE – 3 bottles

· 2014 Calliope Pinot Noir Rosé Calliope Vineyard

· 2017 Bramble Pinot 2x Rosé

· 2020 Bois Joli Take 1 Riesling

We take pride in creating a small batch of unique whites and rosé every year, displaying structure and complexity like the reds, and meant to be aged. The Riesling, described above, is absolutely singing and an amazing expression of that grape. The 2017 Rosé is just recently released, ruby color and great weight, and drinking really well-the opposite of bachelorette party rosé. And yes, you read that year right: a 2014 Rosé and it is amazing–this is what happens when you treat Rosé like a real wine.

Retail $81 vs. BDXIV DEAL TODAY $61 (25% SAVINGS)! For Sure-count me in

Offer #5

· 2013 PDX Pinot Noir

· 2013 The Pearl Pinot Noir

· 2014 Pearl Pinot Noir

· 2015 Ladd’s Addition Pinot Noir

· 2016 Pearl Pinot Noir

· 2017 PDX Pinot Noir

C’mon, you didn’t think you’d get through a Willamette Valley BD offer without a Pinot Vertical, right? A bottle from every year, 2013-2017. Take a tour of what was going on in Oregon, starting with two bottles from the Ugly Duckling year of 2013 that everybody wrote off, turning out to be elegant and beautiful with some age. 2014 through 2017 were all warm years, but all warm years do not produce the same wines–see for yourself. Higher elevation and earlier picking (I pick on pH just as much as Brix) result in hot vintages that have all the weight and fruit power that one expects, while retaining the structure and brightness that comes with not letting the acidity disappear. The 2017 PDX is a pre-release wine, available to you all today only! I’d add a 2018 for the full 6 years, but I haven’t released any yet – they’re still shaking off their teenage tart/reductive angst. Warning: If you are exploring Oregon wines and years, you might want to sign yourself up for two of these.

Retail $264 vs. BDXIII DEAL TODAY $185 (30% SAVINGS)! Oh Come ON-OF COURSE I need that

Offer #6

OK, this is where it gets real. I think we all should be drinking more Pinot, and at these prices you can afford to have a bottle of powerful, elegant wine on your table no matter what day of the week it is. These are wines that I am day-to-day drinking (and day drinking) the most at the moment. And so, so different. I am happy to give Berserkers the opportunity to pick up a case of these wines at ridiculously low (i.e. don’t tell my accountant until after BDXIV) prices. And shipping is still only $25

· 4 bottles - 2014 PDX Pinot Noir

· 4 bottles - 2015 Ladd’s Addition Pinot Noir

· 4 bottles - 2016 Pearl Pinot Noir

Retail $468 vs. TAKE A CASE HOME TODAY FOR $304 (35% SAVINGS WHAT?!?) Limited number of cases available, as this is below wholesale pricing! Yep-that’s $25/bottle for small batch, elegant Willamette Valley Pinot Noir. yes. Yes. YES!

Offer #7
“Smokey, this is not ‘Nam. This is bowling. There are rules.” (Under $20/Bottle Killer Pinot Noir)

Well, sorry Walter Sobchak, but we are throwing out the rules. Here it is. $19/bottle top tier Pinot from the Willamette Valley. This is pretty much distribution pricing, and sweaty-palms-close to break even price. The egg head over at Accounting (that’s also me, but just in another part of the room, where I keep the calculator, red pens and my Screaming Pillow) has informed me, in no uncertain terms, that selling handmade, small-batch, organic or biodynamically grown Willamette Valley Pinot for $20 is insane. So I took that advice and changed the price to $19. HA, take that! Eat your heart out. The PDX Pinot Noir is already priced lower than my others, though coming from the same vineyard sources and same processes, so that I can offer a sub-$30 high quality OR Pinot to people working in service that have a Champagne palate with Mountain Dew Credit Score, if you know what I mean. And here we go taking that pricing and drop kicking it. This aggression will not stand, man. Jump on this deal before it goes the way of Donnie.

Three Cases of Killer Pinot Noir, delivered to you

· 12 Bottles 2015 PDX Pinot Noir

· 12 Bottles 2016 PDX Pinot Noir

· 12 Bottles 2016 Ladd’s Addition Pinot Noir

$19/Bottle. $684 for 3 cases (45% off) That’s not a typo. Nineteen. Dollars. Please don’t tell my accountant.

And now, a little more about Silas

We have been crafting wine in Oregon since 2009, making last year our 15th vintage. We grow Pinot Noir (own-rooted, dry-farmed Wadenswil-clone) on our unique 35-year old, 1000 ft. elevation vineyard, tucked into some classic Oregon second-growth forest (hence the name Silas, from the Latin “Silvanus,” meaning “from the woods”). Today we still farm our little vineyard, and have added grapes from a number of other organic and/or biodynamic sites and growers that we have discovered, tested and worked into the Silas fold over the last decade. We now source around 95% of our fruit, which allows us to expand the breadth of the wines, giving us more colors on the palette.

We pride ourselves in creating elegant Oregon Pinots that showcase the complexity and variety of each year, from brooding, musky, jammy hot years to complex and graceful cooler vintages. All our grapes are picked by hand, fermented in small lots, aged in French oak (roughly 30% new), and blended with an (infuriating, at times) attention to balance and finesse. Additionally, every year we put together a unique Oregon approach to Malbec, Gamay Noir, Riesling and more, inspired by what we love to drink from around the world.

We make our wine at the beautiful Zenith Vineyard in the Eola-Amity Hills AVA, right outside Amity. Our tasting room/wine bar/meat-curing studio, called The Bramble, is located in downtown Amity—we would love to have you come visit!

We have named our Pinots after three Portland neighborhoods (PDX, Ladd’s Addition, The Pearl) with unique character traits (PM me to talk more about my love/hate/obsession of blending Pinot barrels). We age in bottle until the wine is ready to be released, which differs wine to wine. Our current release vintages are a mix of 2014s to 2017s.

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Super excited for offer #2! Viognier is a new grape for me and this sounds like a very interesting blend. Any recommendations for a food pairing?

Hey Sydney - great to see you back again, and I’m looking at your order and excited for you!

Viognier is a really cool grape - we made a separate bottling in 2017 that disappeared really quick. As a blending variety into red wine (what the French do with Syrah) it really changes the wine in a fascinating way, which isn’t the case for a lot of other white grapes. Those Malbecs are floral, lifted and pretty in a way that Malbecs most definitely are not, typically. Also that Riesling trifecta is amazing. glad you jumped on it!

Cheers from Amity

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Alrighty, I guess I’ll be drinking like a winemaker soon.
In for a case !!!
Been drinking these wines for a few years now and they never disappoint.
Thanks for the offerings again.
And crossing fingers on the raffle - can always use more wine - haha

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In for a case of My Favorite Things because I know Alex will make it fun. Cheers!

Hey Richard - I think you’ll be happy with that case this year, thanks and great to see you again!

Cheers Mike!

the MFT Surprise case is a good one this year…but I say that every year…! Good to see you again

Ordered Riesling and Malbec/viognier. Thanks

Cheers Larry - Looking forward to getting that to you!

In for a case of MFT, fun!

Cheers Chris! :clinking_glasses: you’ll have a good time opening that box I think! Looking forward to getting that rolling your way.

Awesome wines and great deals here. Thanks again for participating in BD.

Thanks Jeff-always happy to give some great deals to Berserkers. Thanks for the order this year!

You had me at Riesling and Gamay! Order in!

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Cheers Adam! I’m a huge fan of those two grapes, and I think you’ll really enjoy those 6 bottles! Hope you’re having a great BD

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In for a case of MFT. New Silas buyer here but one must draft to your “board”

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Thanks Brent - I saw that order sneak in at the last minute before the GC window shut - excellent timing. I think you’ll have a good time opening that box (and the wines). Looking forward to getting that rolling to TX

I drank the pearl Pinot the other night and it was so delicious. I didn’t realize you were participating. Tough decisions ahead.

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Ooh, which year? Depending on the Deals, there’s a Pearl available from 2013 to 2017. (you can also sneak into my website and use code BDXV if you want to cherry pick)

Thanks for that - I always love to hear when people open bottles and love them!