Chicago Gathering - late May/early June

Hi all,

Confirming we are going to Vinci, at 6:30pm on Thursday, May 25th. The theme is Cali Cab or BDX (or bold reds). Reminder that Vinci does not charge a corkage fee if the wine is 10 years or older.

Confirmed attendees + wine being brought:

  1. Kevin - '06 Chateau Montelena Estate
  2. Josh - '92 Dalla Valle + '08 Produttori Riserva Barberesco
  3. Clayton - '83 Gruaud-Larose + something blind
  4. R Smith - BDX/CA from 60’s or 70’s
  5. Louie - '95 Calon Segur or '03 Leoville Poyferre
  6. Chad - '00 Branaire Ducru or '95 Beringer Private Reserve
  7. Benjamin - ‘04 Cellar Vall Llach Priorat + ‘97 Keenan
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Nice! Would love to be there but will be in Tuscany for those exact dates! Next time.


Hi Kevin,

I doubt I can make those dates, but I definitely would be down to get something together when I’m in town this summer at some point. I’ll keep an eye on this in case something changes with my schedule though.

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Depending on people and budget, Ada Street has a great 12 person room and can do a wine tasting there.

Also table stick and donkey

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Both days work for me. Rooftop sounds great although still a risk at that time of year (if open air). Totally relaxed on restaurant vs. private here. I can also probably accommodate most themes.

Is there a cost associated with hosting a 12-person wine tasting? Or a minimum for the room?

I’m available May 25, but not June 1.

I’m interested but need to firm up plans to see if I will be in town since it’s right around Memorial Day.

I’m interested in joining as well, if there’s space. I can do both dates. Thanks!

I could make the 25th, not the 1st. My preference would be for a restaurant–don’t have to figure out food, etc. But it’s a good question, as to how they would charge for it.

Both days work for me. I’m fine with BDX or Cali Cabs.

All, any ideas on where we can host this if we go the restaurant route? Most places limit the number of bottles you can bring and you pay a corkage fee - should we look into a private room? Or a members club?

Hi Kevin,

I think it probably depends a little on what type of offline you;'re aiming for. I think the original post referred to a dinner at Smyth (one of the best restaurants in the city) with baller bottles, and I presume a pretty hefty food bill. Is that what you’re thinking for this one?

Alternatively, based on a theme of say, Bordeaux, I suspect we could find a French restaurant willing to participate, especially on a weeknight?

And alternatively you mentioned your rooftop, that would always be an option to have a private chef, if it had kitchen access.

I’m super open to any and all options (fancy and baller to casual and more modest). Let us know what help you need.



a reminder that aboyer in winnetka has no-corkage thursdays.

Hi Clayton, sorry for the confusion but I was not thinking Smyth or anything in that price point for this gathering. I would not expect folks to cough up $300/person for a tasting menu restaurant.

Let me look into French restaurants. I also know there’s the new Californian/Napa Valley restaurant in West Loop - The Oakville Grill - but I’m unsure of their corkage policy nor bottle limit.

Totally flexible here!

Just to chime in, I’m perfectly happy with doing the rooftop and bringing in catering or going the restaurant route. As long as we do bottles with at least 10 years of age, Vinci restaurant offers free corkage.

Good suggestion. I just checked and Vinci has space on the 25th for up to 8 people.

If you want to check out the new Napa Valley inspired place I was referring to in the West Loop - page 35 of their wine list is where the “good stuff” starts.

Stopped by the Oakville for a few glasses of Aston pinot last Friday. Ok, but nothing special.

If there’s room, I am in for whatever, but rooftop would be my vote. Out of town May 30-June 5.