TN: Annual gathering with Chicago winos in Chicago

I would be interested feel free to dm.

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I’d be interested, as well.

Did you get any heat on the Auberts? I’ve had some aged Auberts with no perceptible heat and some where I was disappointed by some heat.

Count me in…anytime, anyplace, any-geek.

Question on that gougeres with foie gras if you happen to remember.

Looks like piped foie gras mousse on the bottom, correct? What was the white substance on top of it?

I make gougeres frequently and this seems like something to try


Interested as well.


I mostly get a hint of heat, both in young and old wine. It is a matter of all the “other” components that lessen the heat expression. In my opinion, as the fruit expression gets rounder and the mineral expression diminishes, heat becomes more pronounced.

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I don’t recall what the white substance was, perhaps creme fraiche with horseradish?

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I’d also be interested, Kevin. I get up to Chicago frequently and have storage there. I also really like Smyth.

what happened to the old group ?

DM’ed all three of you.

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Some folks moved, both from DC and Chicago.

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I’d be interested as well, thanks

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I’d also be interested, as I’m in Chicago on weekdays mostly.

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I would be interested for sure. I live downtown but happy to go wherever

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It may be a good idea to start a new thread.

So it’s looking like late May works for many. Perhaps we can target May 25th as Thursday works for those who I’ve IM’ed directly with.


I’ll join too if there’s space.

All, I created this new thread for tracking purposes. If you are able to join, please comment on the Event Planner thread so we can begin determining headcount.

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