Chave vs Allemand (vs Reynard vs Jamet?) - Republique, L.A. 9/30/23

100% yeah, come on down

Sign me up for 04 Chave then! Will figure out all the flight change and logistics :slight_smile:

can’t attend but this looks great. Will look forward to reading notes—of both/all events :slight_smile:

If you are short people, I might be able to attend as it looks like our SF event is 9/29. I don’t have any of the listed Chaves except the 2012 which is already claimed, but could bring an older one and if it’s interesting, perhaps a Chave St. Joseph from 2005 or 2010 - both are pretty good wines.

You’re only attending events where you’re the tallest person in the room? Weird complex to have, but if it makes you feel better…

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Anyone else interested now that we’re about a month out? Should be a great event

Yup, plenty of spots left!

LA ya’ll suck lol.

What’s the update on this?
Are we still doing it if only 7 of us?

Still happening, I think we had to give up the private room, however, as all the ballers in LA suck and won’t come. Fu brags about the LA wine crew all the time and lookie here…

Well, he didn’t want the older Chave. :smile:

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Sounds good. Looking forward to it.
Around 6 PM start time?

they just dont’ want to hang out with the plebs

i’d say around 6:30pm or so

@Juliec you still in?

Still accepting participants? Any particular Chave vintages that are missing? @CFu @ToddFrench

hey dave - we are still on.

Take a look at the above list for what we need in first post.

Feel free to bring older than those if you like

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Just took a look and a couple of vintages I have are already taken. Do have Chave 08 Mag that I have been itching to open. We opened a 750ml a few months ago and the wine certainly outperforms the vintage.
Will bring along a bonus bottle or two as well.

we can do 08, i’ll have Joseph switch up to 08 allemand reynard

i siwtched mine up to 04 allemand reynard so i can match with @Jay_K 04 chave.

Now we are all matched up!

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I am in ….

Gonna bring a ringer in the 12 flight … Jamet Cote Brune …

Will also bring a 1996 Chave.

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