Chave Hermitage label question

I saw a 2010 Chave Hermitage Rouge with a “L Hermitage” label instead of the “Hermitage” label. Looking at Cellartracker, the L’ Hermitage label is also used by people for the Chave Hermitage so it seems that this is pretty much the same wine. Importer is Erin Cannon Imports, NY. Anyone here know why the label is like this? Anyone here have the same bottle /label?

How much was the bottle?

Erin Cannon is Jean-Louis’s wife, and that is the official importer into the U.S. now.

$275 and “was” the last bottle. :wink:

Thanks Alan, need to meet up again soon!

I can’t remember if it was in 09 or 10 that the bottles changed in my cellar to the L’Hermitage (admittedly I skipped 08, so it could have been then). If it’s important to anyone I can check later on today in the cellar).

changed with the 09 I believe

I’ve got 7 bottles of the 2010, would I be out of my mind to crack one for an early look?

No, not out of your mind if you invite me over [snort.gif]

Yes, if you don’t [wink.gif] jk

Received an offer from vinfilio a couple days ago for the ‘11. No L’ in the picture, but that’s not to say it wasn’t an old photo.

Purchased a mag of the 2011 a few weeks ago from an importer of these wines here in Switzerland. Confirmed that the label is legitimate and, I believe, changed with 2009 or 2010.

I’ve seen both labels. L’ was on what I would call euro market labels. US labels had no L

In my cellar:

2009 and 2010 have the L´H…
2008 doesn´t …

All bottles have been numbered since 2003 …

Thanks for all the input, looking at the responses here, looks like the label changed in 2009. I skipped 2008 (did not like the vintage) and 2009 (could not find a good price) so I was surprised at the new 2010 label as the last one I bought was a 2007 (old label).

2008 is a fabulous wine, BTW. Not flashy, but most definitely top quality. Off vintages are where it’s at :slight_smile:

Might have been a mistake - it´s fine for the vintage.
Yesterday we had 1993 H Chave … unbelivably good for this desastrous vintage, perfectly mature (something that younger vintages simply aren´t) and easily worth 91-92 points, but 95 points for the pleasure.

Good to know. I was able to grab two of the 2008 for a more than tolerable price. I figured it was Chave, so no worries.

OK… I just bought some for a pretty decent price (I think) based on your recommendation. This better be good! [wink.gif] [wink.gif]

OK… I just bought some for a pretty decent price (I think) based on your recommendation. This better be good!

We will still be here in 2030 when you find out! [wow.gif]

I wouldn’t hesitate to drink one on the earlier side. Given what more recent vintages are going for, it’s a bargain, and I think delivers for the price. My note from tasting a few months ago: delicious, slightly reserved, very flavorful, medium-full body, medium-rich deep plum, fine tannins, touch truffle, beautiful even elegant in this vintage.

I’ve only recent tried two bottles of the Chave Hermitage and thought both of them were wonderful. I bought a bottle of the 2008 since it’s the only one that I could afford (avoiding the 2002 given the reputation of the vintage in Northern Rhone). Glad to hear some experts think it will be worth it!