Chassagne Montrachet Rouge

Oh how I love Chassagne Rouge. I don’t know why it strikes the right notes for me.

Tonight it is a 2017 JC Ramonet Chassagne Rouge Boudriotte. After a little decant, this just oozes bright berry notes. Firm mineral on the palate and so precise on the mid palate. The finish is clean. Close to my favorite which is the 2017 JC Ramonet Chassagne Clos St Jean which is absolute magic and aromatically my absolute favorite Chassagne Rouge from my 2017 collection.

I often pick this over any of my other wines. So satisfying. Precise. The epitome of Burgundy in many ways.


Reminded me I didn’t have any of the 17 CSJ… picked up a 6 pack.


Below is my TN on a lovely 1998 Ramonet Chassagne Montrachet I enjoyed a few months ago. If you like, you can add ageability to your list of praiseworthy attributed IMO, thanks:

Such a fascinating Bastille Day treat, served alongside (and really outshining) the much better known Ramonet Blanc from the same vintage. Obscure enough that mine is apparently the first and only TN on CellarTracker. A wine more about the aromatics than anything else, with a complex and evolving array of perfumed, spiced and smoky notes. I detected tar, licorice and even some black pepper, likely would have called it Nebbiolo had I been blinded. The wine itself somewhat lacked concentration, presumably a reflection of the vintage, but it did evidence impressive structure and tannins, leading us to credit presumed stem-inclusion (but I don’t have actual insight on the winemaking).



Very exciting note. Thanks. I have some of the 2017 Boudriotte scheduled to be shipped to me once shipping season starts later this fall. [thankyou.gif] [winner.gif]

This is encouraging me to open my 2010 Bernard Moreau la Cardeuse!

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Thanks for the note. Another one to buy. In the last few weeks I have backfilled 14, 15, 16 Clos Boudriotte, which I normally have a slight preference for over CSJ. But maybe I’ll get both in ‘17.

Had the same wine - 17 Boudriotte - earlier this summer and it’s a candidate for WOTY. Like you said, just Burgundy in a glass. Elegant, fragrant, perfumed, utterly delicious.

1979 Clos de la Boudriotte was truly beautiful a couple of weeks ago!

William. You are a lucky man to have that wine. I can only imagine. They really do age great especially that bottling (Clos de la Boudriotte) from Ramonet. Cheers.

I’m 100% on this train! Adore cm rouge. Everything I want not just in a red burg but in a red wine in general. Hopefully, stephen williams will be along shortly to remind me of the 1950s village cm rouge and the 90s Ramonet cm rouges that he so generously shared with me a few years ago.

My tasting note (given that the wine is very far from being on the market, I can’t think any of our subscribers will object to my sharing pre-publication teaser):

A magical bottle at the peak of its powers, Ramonet’s 1979 Chassagne-Montrachet 1er Cru Clos de la Boudriotte bursts with aromas of peonies, spices, orange rind, red berries, musk and forest floor. Medium to full-bodied, supple and velvety, its fleshy core of fruit is framed by melting tannins and succulent acids, concluding with a sapid, expansive finish.

I don’t know what’s planted there but I would speculate the selections of Pinot Noir are quite interesting, given the recurring perfumed quality the wines reliably display!


I buy and drink Ramonet and Niellon consistently, what are thoughts on other producers like Colin, Maltroye, Drouhin, Bouchard, Latour, Girardin, Morey-Coffinet, Amiot, and Gagnard.

I went long on Bruno Collin ‘13 and ‘14 Chassagne Rouge when Treasury Wine Estates parted ways with the Chateau & Estates Producers they had for a hot minute, and wines were discounted significantly.

A bottle of the 59 some dozen years ago was equally memorable.

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The red Chassagne producers I purchase for my own cellar are:

Bernard Moreau
Jean-Claude Bachelet
Hubert Lamy

The Niellon reds are underrated but somehow I never get offered any.

You have the advantage of me! Oldest in my cellar is 1961… have the Bâtard of the same year so plan to open them both together some time!

I was disappointed with Lamy Saint Aubin Derrière Chez Edouard Rouge 2010. The wine was not very expensive when released, i.e. maybe $35/btl retail, as Lamy reds were not being heralded like the whites. The fruit did not seem to stand up to the oak, was not very refined, and I did not sense the wine would achieve harmony. Have you tasted this wine, and, if so, what are your thoughts?

Luckily we sell Niellon, so I make sure we order all the reds, even though the whites are what customers want to order for the most part.

Will grab some Bachelet and Lamy and post some thoughts.

william, do you have any comments regarding the henri germain monopole?