Any early Dinner recommendation with good wine list for Charlotte, NC?

Nick, here are a few rec’s.

Downtown - the Wooden Vine and McNinch House.

Dilworth and South End area - Bonterra and Barcelona Wine Bar.

South Charlotte near SouthPark Mall - Corkbuzz, Roosters and Upstream.

North by the lake - Dressler’s, Flat Iron Grill, Alton’s.

Hope this helps.

Cheers, Roger O.


I’m probably too late with my post, but I would recommend the Fig Tree which is near uptown/downtown Charlotte at 7th Street and Louise Avenue.

Sorry, I typically BYOB and pay the corkage, so I don’t really peruse many wine lists in the Charlotte area.


+1 on Fig Tree. I don’t know how I left that one off as we had our anniversary dinner there a few weeks ago (don’t tell the CFO I forgot).

The wine list at the Fig Tree is quite extensive. Besides the big chain steakhouses (Del Friscos, etc.), I’m uncertain of a bigger wine list in Charlotte. I’ve attended a private wine tasting with Chef Greg and I know that he has a great appreciation for wine and the list shows it.

I would also recommend Carpe Diem for the best $20-25 meal in Charlotte, the Buttermilk Fried Chicken Breast. CD has a very small wine list, but it’s well thought out.


Hey Nick - so how was dinner? Visit any of the places listed?

Ran out of time, but found the Cracker Barrel next to airport.

No wine, but still a personal fav

want to throw in kindred in davidson. had a rather enjoyable meal there at the bar while on business in may.

haberdish was also decent for southern food eats in a modern bar type of setting.

Love Fig Tree. I’ve done a few dinners there and also gone solo at the bar. They usually have some nice BTG options and the bartender makes a killer Manhattan, great guy as well. Aria Tuscan Grill has been a nice surprise downtown. Solid food and good Italian list.

I’ll have to check out Carpe Diem on a future trip.

Kindred is great and has received a few JB nominations. It’s a long story, but I dined there with Sir Robert Plant in February 2018. However, for folks not familiar with Charlotte, Kindred is in Davidson, which on an average day is probably 30-45 minutes from uptown/downtown Charlotte. Probably over an hour in rush hour traffic.

In addition to the previously mentioned Fig Tree and Carpe Diem, The Stanley and Customshop are located in that general 7th Street/Pecan Avenue and Elizabeth Avenue/Hawthorne Street vicinity. All within a half mile from each other. If whiskey is your poison, The Crunkleton is located 2 doors down from the Stanley. The Crunkleton features vintage bourbons and whiskeys, and has an open kitchen with a nice albeit limited menu.


Kindred’s wine game is solid as well. And cocktails… and milk bread

Looks like a handful of these unfortunately closed permanently.

Any recommendations? Ill be staying Downtown near the Spectrum Center, so downtown would be preferable.

Cheers in advance!

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Aria downtown is a solid choice and a good Italian list. It’s right across the street from the Ritz and a great bar to eat at if your on your own. Fig Tree is a quick Uber ride and a great choice.


Yeah, the pandemic wiped out a few of the places suggested earlier in the thread including one of my favorites, Carpe Diem.

But, Supperland has opened within the last 12 months and I would highly recommend it. Probably the best new restaurant in Charlotte and not too far from uptown located in Plaza Midwood. Probably 5-10 minutes max with Lyft/Uber. Gorgeous space in a renovated church with a cocktail bar on the side in the original worship space and a decent sized outdoor patio.

If beer is your thing, Resident Culture is a world class brewery located about 1/2 mile from Supperland.


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yeah i was bummed about those that closed. most looked successful, rent must be crazy down there. Raleigh seemed to hold onto most of all the good ones.

Ill check supperland out. So far i got reservations at Fig Tree, Tupelo Honey, Roosters

Uptown work traffic has decreased significantly since the pandemic, but I think that Carpe Diem was already contemplating closure before the pandemic because of the cost associated with the next lease. Their sister concept Earl’s Grocery tried to stay open, but eventually closed in July 2021. I think that their catering business is still active.

Rooster’s is OK and near your hotel, but I would highly recommend Supperland, The Stanley, The Crunkleton and Customshop. In fact, you could take the trolley from uptown to the Customshop. And if the trolley is running down Hawthorne these days, it will get you within a few blocks of the Fig Tree, The Stanley and The Crunkleton.

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Thanks James, I really wasn’t feeling Roosters so I may drop it for some of the above mentioned

Personally, I would skip Tupelo Honey and go to any of the restaurants that I suggested above via the Trolley or Lyft/Uber. I think that Tupelo Honey relocated to somewhere uptown from South Boulevard within the last couple of years, but I haven’t been to the new uptown location. There’s a couple of newer trendy spots in South Park as well. I’m assuming that the cocktail lounge is still open on the 8th floor of the Ritz?

If you make it to Supperland (and you should), I think that the corkage fee is $25, but absolutely NO MAGNUMS! The somm gave me a pass during our first visit because I didn’t know the rules, but no dice on a recent visit with friends. I’m friendly with a couple of the managers from their days at Midwood, but I didn’t push it any further. I would have gladly paid double corkage and shared a pour with the somm as I did the first visit.

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i would second the skip of Tupelo. i havent been to the Charlotte location but i can say the Greenville location is not what it was a few years ago when it first opened here. with the quality of some of the other places mentioned i would choose those first.

although i do still love the Tupelo biscuits. even if they did change.