Chardonnay Suggestions

Just starting to get into White Wine. Had a Ceritas Porter Bass the other night and it was awesome. Any suggestions on a similar wine at a lower price point 20-30?

Is there any better???

^^^^^ that ^^^^^

Chablis mentioned above is a great suggestion.

Also look for Boschendal Elgin Chardonnay. It’s a South African chardonnay sourced from cool climate vineyards.

Chablis at $20-$30?

So it’s still 1995, you’re still 39 years old, and you can still walk into the corner grocery store and find 750ml of a Vaillons or a Forets for $14.99?


The monster screaming once-in-a-lifetime deal in our market right now is a 2016 Fourchaume for $59.99 [magnums $124.99] - and I would have to drive about 25 miles and back to get it.

Which, with gasoline costs & sales tax on the wine itself, makes it about a $75 wine.

Have any of you people even left home since Bill Clinton was president?

I’m sitting here looking at free Wine-Searcher, where both Wally’s & Vinfolio are offering Long-Depaquit Moutonne for ONE HUNDRED & FIFTY DOLLARS!!!

And that’s 750ml, not 1500ml.

If you like Ceritas, check out Ryhs and for more ML try Rivers Marie.

What was the porter bass vintage?

Rivers Marie, right at $30.


Free Wine-Searcher: $40 to $60

Free Wine-Searcher: $40 to $85

You’re getting close to being off by a FACTOR OF THREE.

Sorry, missed the 20 to 30 part. Rivers Marie does a sonoma coast for $30 on release, Rhys has another label Alesia.

A few Chablis at Costco are under $30. Fevre Champs Royaux, Kirkland Signature, and Brocard all seen recently.

Man, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude.

But every time these discussions come up on this board, I feel like people haven’t actually tried to buy any wine in about a quarter of a century.

And on a recent thread, I wasn’t joking when I said that you have to be a millionaire now to drink Premier Cru on a regular basis, and a Billionaire to drink Grand Cru on a regular basis [Coche CC is now pushing $7500!!!].

Prices are insane.

Lovely wine, but really quite different in style from Ceritas. The Chablis recs are way more on point, imo.

You choose a Grand Cru Monopole as an example…interesting.

Lots of generic Chablis, Macon Villages or Pouilly Fuisse to explore at the price points asked.

La Chablisenne 1ers are $20-30

Rochioli estate chard

Kumeu River from New Zealand

2015 Domaine de Roally Viré-Clessé.

K&L has a couple of different Copain Chards at around $36 right now. I am particularly fond of the Laureles Grade.