Champagne Recommendations under $100

I’ve recently taken a greater interest in Champagne and I’m looking for some recommendations in the $100 and under price range. I did see the Rosé thread from a few months back. I’m not looking for a special occasion wine, but rather I’m just looking to expand my horizons. Any input is greatly appreciated. champagne.gif

Cedric Bouchard Val Vilaine
Marc Hebrart Vintage

I’ll let others chime in, but there are many other great choices.

I have also been enjoying Champagne lately and am interested in recommendations.

another novice question - how long do the NV cuvees last? I dug up some Moutardier Brut NV that I bought maybe 5 to 7 years ago - will these still be developing or too old?


Jeff - I’m not familiar with Moutardier, but NV champs can age just as well as vintage.

J. Lassalle Cuvee Angeline is one of my favorites for around $70.

2008 Guy Charlemagne Champagne Grand Cru Mesnillésime Blanc de Blancs Brut. All. Day.

Well, what style are you looking for, a heavier oxidative style, or a leaner, acid-driven mineral style?

I can really only speak to the heavier style

House: Charles Heidsieck, Piper Heidsieck, Bollinger, Krug, Laurent Perrier to name a few

Grower or Small House: Clouet (not super oxidative - just pinot heavy), Agrapart 7 crus cuvee, Vilmart, Marie-Loelle Ledru,

If you wish to explore different styles,

Blanc de Blancs: Pierre Peters, Agrapart, Larmandier-Bernier, Pascal Doquet, Delamotte, Gimonnet, JL Vergnon, Jean Milan, Diebolt-Vallois, Guiborat, Bereche’s Les Beaux Regards, Gaston Chiquet’s Blanc de Blancs d’Aÿ, Fabrice Pouillon’s Les Valnons

Pinot Noir heavy wines: Benoit Lahaye, Paul Dethune, Egly-Ouriet, Philipponnat, Chartogne-Taillet’s Les Orizeaux

My favorite 100 % Meuniers come from Jerome Prevost, Hugues Godme, Chartogne-Taillet and Emmanuel Brochet (have not tried Bereche’s)

Rosé Champagne comes in many different styles, I personally like those from the Blanc de Blancs producers mentioned due to the freshness and drinkability

I am learning about Champagne and having a good time doing so. Some producers I have really come to like include:

Bereche (which can be great values at the lower end)
Cedric Bouchard

If you want to go a bit over $100 for a special bottle (probably $110-$125 depending on where you buy it), try the 2006 Taittinger Comtes de Champagne Blanc de Blancs

Thanks for the replies. Regarding my preference for style, I would say that I tend to prefer a richer style like Krug, but variety is the spice of life. I drink wine everyday and tend to get bored of any one style fairly quickly. Some recent bottles that I have enjoyed include Vilmart Grand Cellier and Tarlant Cuvee Louis and Tarlant Zero Brut Natur. I have some Chartogne-Taillet in the queue. Please keep the recs coming.

Disqualified for having too many words in the name. Very good wine though.

You can still find the 99 Billecart-Salmon Cuvee Nicolas-François for $99, which sneaks in under the wire, has age and is a gorgeous bottle of tete cuvee wine. The prices for new vintages are skyrocketing.

I like the Bouchard recommendations too.

You really should. It’s wonderful.

Henri Giraud doesn’t get named much on the boards (or maybe I just didn’t see it?). Great wines IMO.

Bit on a couple of the NV Lanson Noble 2002 based rose yesterday from Envoyer at $50. I haven’t had the rose but enjoyed the 2002 Noble very much.

WTSO has the Taittinger 2006 Comtes BDB for $109 with,I believe, free shipping on 1 or more bottles.

It is probably right at the $100 point but I really like Ulysse Collin.

His Le Mallions is the heavy/oxidized/richer style that you have discussed liking, it is heavy Noir.

He is probably a little controversial on this board since he is a disciple of Selosse but I love that style and his wines.

He makes a Blanc de Blanc which I am forgetting the name of at the moment which I have in my cellar and have not tried yet.

He also makes a Rose which I have had once, my wife and I both thought it was the best Rose we have ever had, really unique. We thought it would be not great with food, however, were shocked that it was incredible with food as well.

I am in the same boat as you, relatively new to champagne, I will let you know it is a very slippery slope, it becomes a passion all to itself and gets very expensive.

Good Luck,


I’d be all over that Comtes

delamotte 02 is a beautiful bdb drinking great right now
a little on winesearcher just under $100

Some great options are already listed here…Just based on my limited experience with these names…

Rich, generous and but balanced: Vilmart, Henri Giraud, Bereche, Savart, Drappier

Slightly less rich, perhaps little more complex: Mark Hebrart, Georges Laval, Paul Bara, Gaston Chiquet, Chartgone-Taillet, Tarlant, Bruno Gobillard

Little more mineral: Pierre Peters, Pierre Gimonnet, R&L Legras

Very racy: Pierre Pailliard, Etienne Calsac, Agrapart, Gosset

No doubt. It’s just that these smaller production Bereche wines tend to be quite elusive so you really buy what’s available, not what you would like to.

I’ve had a bit of variation with the 99 Cuvee NFB, but the best of the bunch were rock stars. Best bubbles I had this year.