CHAMBOLLE-MUSIGNY 1er Cru question

Mugnier - Les Fuees
Bertheau - Amoureuses
Drouhin - CM - Pre. Cru - (great ‘sleeper’ wine)

Hi Tom,

What do you consider the last vintage of the old Faiveley regime ?


Very nice analysis.

Interestingly, the '02 Mugnier - Fuees, one of the loveliest Premier Crus I’ve had the pleasure to follow, has always had more of the red fruit persona as well as the ethereal ‘gossamer wing’ Chambolle minerality, that many of us love. In the last year or two I’ve noticed it’s taken on a bit more of ‘Bonnes Mares’ character, reflecting it’s position more to the north in the commune. Quite a fascinating combination. I admit my love for Musignys, but this is presently a spectacular wine in it’s own right.

Just had the 02 Mugnier Fuees a few weeks ago blind, and it blew away the rest of the field; not even close. The 2001 is also drinking well, though doesn’t quite have the same balance or finesse.

Not Tom but 05/06 are last two old regime Faiveley vintages - big shift in 07.

Would you say for the better?

Completely different styles. The complaint with older Faiveley (if you don’t like them) is that they were never ready. The complaint with new Faiveley (if you don’t like them) is that they’re very modern (oaky and extracted).

Short answer is yes - Longer answer is I think they are drinkable sooner than the previous generation of Faiveley and with a bit more elegance - that said, I think in the last few vintages there has been a shift back a bit towards the older style of Faiveley, a bit bigger, a bit more extraction, a bit more wood (than 07-13/14/15) - they are still not in the style of the 2005 and older Faiveley wines but they are not in the style of 2007-2014ish.

I think 2009 through 2013 Faiveley has more than enough wood!

I think this thread is about the closest I’ve ever seen to an entire thread of berserkers coming to a consensus. its not perfect but pretty good agreement here!

Just curious, no Les Sentiers fans, here? One of my favorites from Truchot.

+1 for Les Sentiers. Domaine Sigaut crafts a compelling wine. I’ll look for a Truchot.