CHAMBOLLE-MUSIGNY 1er Cru question

If you´d have to choose (only) five different representative Premier Crus from Ch-M - from 5 different producers -
which ones?
One restriction: NO Vogüé (because it is so self-evident)

Bertheau Charmes
Barthod Cras
Mugnier les Fuees
Drouhin Chambolle 1er (or Amoureuses if you can find it and afford it)
Dujac Les Gruenchers (Or Fourrier for the same vineyard)

Berry made some good choices already. I’d have to add:

Clavelier Combe d’Orveau
Mugneret-Gibourg Feusselottes
Barthod Veroilles, for those who are into minerally dominated wines

Mugnier Amoureuses
Drouhin Baudes
Mugneret-Gibourg Feusselottes
Barthod Cras
Bertheau Charmes

I’d add Faiveley Combe D’Orveau too.
Roumier Les Cras if it wasn’t so expensive.

When it’s made of course…Love this wine, a lot.

There are a lot of Vogue haters out there…so, I wouldn’t say its that self-evident.

Mugnier Amoureuses or Fuées
Perrot-Minot (or Clavelier) Combe d´Orveau
Dujac Gruenchers
Ponsot Charmes (but not 1996/97)
Barthod Cras

Yep, wouldn’t be on my top five list.

Roumier cras
MG feuselottes
Ponsot charmes

Robert hasn’t responded back to explain the comment, but the way I read it was that the Vogüé 1er cru is out of the running “because it is so self-evident” is because it’s young vine Musigny, and thus doesn’t speak to to what is a “representative” 1er cru. I would think this would be even more the case with the Vogüé 1er cru than with the “generic” 1er crus from, e.g., Bertheau, Drouhin, Lecheneaut, etc., where there is blending of two or more “true” 1er crus rather than declassified Grand Cru.

Patrice Rion’s “Les Charmes” is a wonderful wine vintage after vintage.
Hubert Lignier’s “Les Baudes” was quite good.
Both the Amoureuses and the Cras from Roumier are always tops.
Mugnier’s Fuees used to be a great value…as did the Roumier Cras.

As much as I love the Mugneret Gibourg wines…I don’t think that their Feuselottes is a great Chambolle…

Faiveley Combe D’Orveaux and Fuees under the old regime, sensational and grossly underappreciated wines, Clavelier Combe D’Orveaux, Barthod Veroilles for the Bonnes Mares axis and Remy Derriere La Grange.

Curious; what’s your beef with their Feuselottes? Inferior vineyard to be rated a 1er cru, or just that the sister’s winemaking in this instance does not result in an ideal Chambolle (whatever that is)? I haven’t had the Rion yet (I’ve got a few bottles of the 02 slumbering, though) but I’ve had the Lignier Baudes and the Roumier Cras. I’ve enjoyed them both, but they seem to be examples of the denser, more structured, expression of Chambolle, whereas the Mugneret-Gibourg Feuselottes strikes me as being (for lack of better descriptors) more lithe, winsome, and feminine.

Well…Harry…no beef…per se. It’s just that I’ve always found it the weak link in their lineup. Maybe too acidic…when they first started making it with the 1986 vintage…and I’ve never been wowed by it. To be clear…I’ve been wowed by almost everything they otherwise make…from their great Bourgogne to Vosne villages…to Nuits Chaignots and Vignes Rondes…to their superb grand crus…so…I think it’s the comparison with the rest of the stable there. Never really tried the Feuselottes vis a vis others’ Chambolles…which might be the problem.

I think early on (the '86 vintage I remember tasting in barrel; it was their first with it)…maybe the vines weren’t that old…and maybe I formed a prejudice then…

I have to say I do like the “denser, more structured expressions” with the Chambolle grace…

Time to pull one out…though…and will report back…though I 'm not sure what I have that’s “mature”…

It certainly isn’t the sisters’ winemaking…as when I first tasted it, their father was there…and the sisters were uninvolved in the winemaking…in 1988…though I met both of them as Dr. Georges was clearly dying…so…maybe the holding.

Rambling way of saying…no beef…just not sure why it’s rarely impressed me…though the 2005 was “to die for”.


The M-G Feusselottes 2011 was a real knock-out from cask and so have been bottled samples from the 1996-2009 era. Of course, I never tasted anything older.
I thought about including the Rion Charmes, but figured you would… [wink.gif] I only tasted it once -the 2002- and it was indeed very good.

I´ve meant the Vogüé Amoureuses as well as the (declassified GC) Premier Cru - and for me both are sure candidates for the top Chambolle (designated) 1er Crus. However I was interested in other suggestions - and moreover I am not so sure that there are that many Vogüé-haters (however - this shouldn´t be a Vogüe thread at all)

Amoureuses from le Moine

Groffier Les Amoureuses
Mugnier Les Fuees
Roumier Cras
Clavelier Combe d’Orveau
Thibault Liger-Belair Les Greunchers

Bertheau Amoureuses!? This wine is killer. Surprised no one listed it yet.