Ceritas Spring Release Feb 13

No prices listed, Thursday Feb 13 is the release date with the following wines…

2012 Charles Heintz Vineyard Chardonnay, Sonoma Coast
2012 Pinnacle Vineyard Chardonnay, Santa Cruz Mountains
2012 Elliott Vineyard Pinot Noir, Sonoma Coast
2012 Hacienda Secoya Pinot Noir, Anderson Valley

No mention of the 2012 Hellenthal or PB pinot that was poured at the spring 2013 pick up party. Looking forward to these wines and the pickup party in April!

Very excited for this release! I think I’m almost beginning to love their Chards more than the Pinots at this point. Also wish I could make it down to NYC for the Ceritas and Littorai dinner in February.

Just made their list for the last release of Chard. What is the house style on Pinot?

Hmmm, so does that mean 3 Pinots (Costalina, Hellenthal and Porter-Bass) and two Chards (Porter-Bass and Peter Martin Ray) in the Fall?

That Ceritas/Littorai dinner in NYC looks killer, hopefully they’ll team up for something out here.

Just had my first Ceritas last night, excellent.

The wine looks Light gold colored and very good clarity. The legs are Medium. It smells like Unripe Pear, Sandalwood, and Caramel. It tastes like tart green Apple with high acid and extremely crisp. The body is Light/Medium. The wine finishes Long with a light toast.

As this warms up it gains body, fruit, and sweetness. Excellent wine.

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Very much one of the poster children for the “IPOB” crowd. Restrained and elegant pinot from cold climates.

I thought the 11 Costalina was a one time deal due to the low yields in 2011?

That was kinda my recollection too, but I just recently found a bookmark which was either included in the last shipment or handed out at the most recent pickup party that I’m pretty sure listed Costalina (along with Elliott, Hacienda Secoya etc.) in the Pinot releases for this year… I’ll take another look at it when I get home and make sure I read it correctly.

There’s a 2012 Costalina Pinot too. Tasting notes and other info from a visit last June with John Raytek at Ceritas are included here:
West Sonoma Coast, June 2013 - Ceritas Wines

I’m going BIGGIE SIZE on this allocation, storage constraints be damned!

Man I really enjoy the Pinot’s too! Going to be a hard month on the pocketbook.

Just received this email. NYC members might be interested.

Calliope Restaurant
New York

Please join Ceritas in welcoming our friends from Littorai for a very special evening at Calliope Restaurant in New York on February 2. This is the first time that Ceritas and Littorai have brought together the wines from their cellars. As believers in wines that speak of time and place and the enjoyment of wine with food, we have partnered with award winning Husband and wife/co-chef/co-owners, Ginevra Iverson and Eric of Calliope to craft a menu suited to each of our wines. Our evening will start casually with oysters and champagne followed by four savory courses paired with four wines from each winery. This is a unique opportunity and not to be missed.

Seating is very limited. Click on the link below to purchase a ticket.


84 Fourth Street
New York, NY 10003
$160 inclusive of tax and gratuity


Wellfleet Oysters

Smoked sable toast, pickled beets and sour cream
Ceritas Chardonnay Peter Martin Ray Vineyard, Santa Cruz Mountains 2012
Ceritas Chardonnay Pinnacle Vineyard, Santa Cruz Mountains 2012

Steamed black sea bass, saffron-mussel broth, romesco
Littorai Chardonnay Mays Canyon Vineyard, Sonoma Coast 2011
Littorai Chardonnay Mays Canyon Vineyard, Sonoma Coast 2012

Fettucine, parmesan broth, wild mushrooms
Ceritas Pinot Noir Elliott Vineyard, Sonoma Coast 2012
Ceritas Pinot Noir Hacienda Secoya Vineyard, Anderson Valley 2012

Crispy pork belly, puy lentils, carrots, parsley root
Littorai Pinot Noir Savoy Vineyard, Anderson Valley 2011
Littorai Pinot Noi The Pivot Vineyard, Sonoma Coast 2011

Saxelby Cheese and madeleines with lemon curd

BerserkerDay, Rhys and Ceritas on the same CC cycle. I know, 1st world problem but still… [head-bang.gif]

But you’ll miss all of those lovely Super Bowl commercials. pileon

For the opportunity to try the Littorai Pivot Pinot Noi though I would do it! [snort.gif]

Thanks for the clarification Ken. I’ve been wondering for the past couple of years when John is going to release their SCM cab, hoping for fall of this year.

Yep, and Rivers-Marie, Kutch and the Loring bubbles. Will be a true test as to whether I will live to my buying strategy. [training.gif]

Schrader, Bevan, Turley, Carlisle, Myriad

Is that Schrader second wave?

I believe so, it’s my first offer. Email said I would get an offer on the 21st.