Ceritas Release

I have been buying for years so maybe I am a little ahead of others for offer, but like I said, I don’t think this will be a “free for alll”

Yeah, I don’t think it will, either, but they have a certain system.


I got the offer yesterday but not really looking to spend $125 on a chard I have never tried and $42 on a rose that once I include shipping and taxes makes the Matthiason rose I enjoy look cheap.

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I passed on this offer. I much enjoy the full range of Ceritas wines but the $125 per bottle was a bit too high for me to add any to the cellar.

I am really temped to get the Limited Astra. I bought the TG36, and have not opened them yet. Has anyone tried the TG36?

Out of curiosity, how limited is the Astra?

I’ve tasted neither, but imagine they are both very fine wines. At some point, the decision is less about value for price and more about your interest in the specific wines that might rapidly sell out at more typical pricing.


Hmm, since I’ve been offered 6 bottles, maybe not. But reading the notes, I feel they are saying these are limited.

"a few new and once-filled barrels of Chardonnay were isolated from particularly cold sections of our Sonoma Coast vineyards. We were looking for pieces with exceptional structure, cut, and power. These barrels spent three years on their own lees, allowing autolysis to proceed at a slow, gentle pace.

This process was started with the intention of bottling each vineyard component separately, but it was startlingly obvious at the blending table that the whole was more than the sum of its parts. We do not anticipate being able to do this every year - Astra can only be made when conditions are perfect."


I was offered 2 bottles of TG36, so maybe Astra is not so limited.