Cellar thief emails?

Has anyone else starting receiving emails from a company Cellar Thief? It started Monday I think, numerous during the day, I always wonder how they get an address like mine?

Lousy name for a business. Is the owner named Fox by any chance?

No, I have not gotten an email from them

I have and, yes, agree they are spammy.

I assume some retailer somewhere sold their email list, as I’ve signed up for way too many wine things over the years.

It refers to the device to sample wine from a barrel.

The are a new company being launched by the owners of the InVino site (at least that’s what was claimed in an e-mail I received from InVino last week). InVino shut down as of this past Monday.

This is the e-mail I received from InVino last week:

Hi ,

_Only FIVE more days until we launch Cellar Thief! We’re aspiring to be your new, powerful, highly knowledgeable wine friend and are excited to share some stellar wine with you! Our goal is to be even more compelling: in our wines, in our stories that we share, and in our pricing. Bring on the bottles!

What we will NOT be:

Bulk wines- because we want you to enjoy the story of the bottle as much as what’s in the bottle!
Region-biased. Not only will we provide exceptional Grand Cru Burgundy and grower Champagne, we also want to introduce you to Pet-Nat from the Central Coast & orange wine from Northern Italy!
A stiff corporation. We are a hand-selected, experienced and highly knowledgeable staff who really digs yummy wine that we know you’ll rave about. We value our relationships with wineries, winemakers, distributors and sommeliers.

I am also not a fan of the name, and find the sales pitch annoying. The jury is out on everything else.

I started receiving Cellar Thief e-mails last week. After a few, I directed them to the spam folder. I didn’t realize they were associated with Invino. I purchased from Invino a couple of times, but they have not had anything interesting lately. Their e-mails are already directed to a folder that is 95% unwanted content. Every few days I go through the items I want to read, then delete everything in bulk.

the website seems like a parody of every annoying wine trend. they are hip and fun - and we know this because they specifically say they are hip and fun.


I have a feeling that most of us here are not part of the target demographic group.

Or, someone who lurks and wants to steal wine. [diablo.gif]

Thanks, Captain Obvious.

Are you not hip and fun?

Craig, I was so to impatient to open this thread that I did not even note the OP. There was a recent thread about thefts of expensive bottles from a private cellar and suspicions of the house staff. I assumed this thread contained updates. In the microseconds between my click and the thread opening on my computer screen, I wondered how emails could possibly be involved. Were these emails from the cellar thief?
Sorry for my misunderstanding and the interruption.

What is a ‘rad somm’?

You’d know if you were hip and fun.

The new tag line for all the Somms selling wine - stories. Telling stories

I would also like to know how they go about “hand selecting” staff. Isn’t that what got Joe Biden in trouble?

our extremely knowledgeable and uber cool team of on-site sommeliers

Man, I started getting those emails but for me, it’s deeply meaningful to be part of a group that gets suggestions from uber cool and rad somms.

Makes me feel almost cool myself.

Sorry Greg, you’ll never be cool

that’s a wine thief.

Cool is a relative term. Around here, Greg is cool because he’s sarcastic and jaded, which are two traits the tragically hip require. He’s the coolest fish in this particular wine geek pond. Amongst non-nerds, he’s just a whacko who drinks too much over-priced wine.