Carricante dinner SF Bay Area Los Gatos Tues June 19

Edited June 19: updated re attendees:

The six carricantes I’m bringing:

Benanti Pietra Marina Etna Bianco Superiore 2013
Benanti Pietra Marina Etna Bianco Superiore 2009
Rhys Aeris Etna Bianco Superiore 2014
Another carricante
Another carricante
Another carricante

Tuesday June 19 630 PM
Golden Triangle in Los Gatos, nearby big parking lots at Walgreens and Safeway
Doesn’t charge corkage
Shared dinner cost
Bring a non-New-World-style Italian red or white (but there will be six-plus carricantes on the table)


Wes B. (Red Fizzies)
Alan R. (shattered glass pieces I left on the sidewalk)
R Frankel (1985 Barbaresco)
Me (1958 Barolo)
AndrewT (Andrea Bocelli and two Communists)
Sean S. (Sparkling malaria and 94 sangiovese) +1
Craig G. (Italian Bordeaux and Italian Port) +1
Larry S. depending on work and contagion (sparkler)
Steve Weiss (1988 Barbaresco)

(Joe W can’t make it)(Yao +1 too far)(Leonard M too far for him)(AndyK no recent response)(Gene screwed up priorities)

You running a newfangled calendar from the latest Apple iOS upgrade? Sunday July 1 being in June? neener

Thanks for opening this up. Would fly up for this from SoCal but I’m out of the country that day. Have fun!

Interested, but can’t do July 1st.

What about Italian, since this is Italian wine? :wink:

Also, interested and also can’t make July 1st.

I’m in, are +1s allowed?

Your husband is invited but you aren’t. Joking. Yes.

Let’s pick a date before July 2 and not too close to June 25. I don’t want a Monday and can’t be June 22. I should have all the carricantes by June 9, a 2009 Pietra just arrived from NY.

I’m very interested if it’s in LG. Has to be by the 30th for me.

Also very interested!

sign us up…grazie.

I’d love to join if it’s either July 1 or June 17 - 22. I’m out of town June 23rd - 30th. I have an Aeris to bring if needed :slight_smile:. Good luck scheduling George!

I’d very much like to join if it’s in San Francisco.

FYI serious that I might inquire at I Gatti (Italian restaurant in Los Gatos) but only if they give us a screaming deal on a Tuesday. I had a very good dinner there this year. Not serious about Buca di Beppo. Golden Triangle is the heavy favorite. Asian fusion food sort of.

Only way I wouldn’t be able to go on the 19th is if I start a new job that week (which is a distinct possibility).

Is this a go for the 19th? Which Pietra Marina do you have, George? I have an 09 here, maybe a 10.

Sorry can’t go; Los Gatos is just too far for me on a weeknight [cry.gif]

Sorry to miss you and your husband Yao.
Alan I got the 2009.
It’s a go at Golden Triangle.

I’ll bring a non-Carricante Wine from somewhere in the Roman Empire.