Carricante dinner SF Bay Area Los Gatos Tues June 19

OK, I’ll bring a different vintage to put in the lineup.

Alan I also am bringing the 2013 And a 1958 Barolo,

I’m in. I dig up something red, and maybe one of them fizzy sweet Brachetto thangs for dessert.

Im in


Cool…been wanting to try an English champagne.

I’m in. Looks like Carricante is covered, so I’ll bring a red. Probably a

1985 Marchesi di Grésy Barbaresco Martinenga Gaiun

And/Or something else.

George, are we full or could I bring another person?

I don’t have an Italian red that comes close to matching up. Since Gene isn’t coming, I’ll bring a bottle of Champagne.

However, it’s now contingent on getting over this stupid cold by Tuesday. It’ll be a game-day decision.

Unfortunately won’t be able to attend, as I’m playing golf with some friends that day. 1PM tee time in the East Bay is too little time to get down there. Sounds like it will be a swell time!

Say hello to the MacDonalds for us! And don’t forget to tip them.

If you’re going to drop one, please make it the '58

C is sitting this out as getting back down from the City is too much of a slog. Will blind a white.

Are we doing the Carricante’s blind? If so, I’ll need to bring a blindfold.

Seriously I intend to, but with tin foil not carafes, and the bottles have different shapes, so guessing or at least narrowing them will be easy. But it still makes people more objective and I especially want to hear/read what people think of the Aeris. I now think my first bottle was slightly corked or otherwise not representative. I had a Pietra Marina after that and they bore no resemblance in flavor or style.

Ok, I’m in.


Do we have room for one more. My wife wants to attend…

and I’m bringing a Sparkling malvasia bianca and a 94 Sangio not a keg of PBR. (I love beer but am not a fan of PBR).


Yes see OP update,
sparkling what?, and
PBR is above average from a keg (but not otherwise), seriously.

BTW I’m bringing Bordeaux and my friend is bringing Port. Both from 1985. The hell with this Eyetalian stuff.