Carlisle Release Letter Live on Website

Wonder when release is

This one’s gonna hurt.

Totally forgot this was coming. Looks like a strong release.

Love that the “Sonoma County” syrah and zins are back. Possibly the best QPR wines on the planet.

A lot. A good hurt but still

You can say that again.

Order in and if I get my wish list - big delicious pain


Really appreciate the $24 bottles- filled a case with So.Co. Zin & Syrah along with the whites. Love it!

Dry creek, papa’s and Sonoma syrah, just half a case.

hard times as i had to keep it to a case while betting on wish list bottles

In for a case and a half, great deal on the Sonoma county!

Nothing in my Inbox…emailed Mike to see what up.

Patience, Frank. It’ll show up. Mine just came about 2 hrs ago. Don’t take it personally.
Sarah is on maternity leave right now and Mike & Jay are kinda slammed I suspect.

If you have to limit to 6 or less due to budget and space, what would you go with?

Palisades, Papa’s, Montafi, Pagani. Love those 4, plus the AVA blends of SC Zin and Syrah.

Since I have space issues in my cellar, these will be the 4 I order.

Awesome. Thanks. Had all on your list but the Montafi in mind. Thoughts on the Piner-Olivet? Would you consider choosing that over the SC sin?

This is one of the easiest orders of the year for me. It is just such a value. Why can’t the rest of Cali do whatever Carlisle is doing to keep shipping prices reasonable?

Picked up on some Sonoma Zin, Sonoma Syrah, Sierra Mar, and Papa’s block. [cheers.gif]