Car rental in Burgundy, Dijon or Beaune?

Hello folks! I’m heading back to Beaune for a week at the end of the year and I need to make a decision on where to get off the train and get into a rental car. Basically I’m going to be taking the train from Munich to either Dijon or Beaune. But then I need to collect a rental car for the week I’m in Burgundy. As I’ve never rented a car in the region before, I was wondering which option would make more sense.

  1. Train to Dijon, rent car in Dijon, drive down to Beaune
  2. Train to Dijon, then train to Beaune, then rent car in Beaune

I’m pretty easy when it comes to driving from Dijon to Beaune vs taking the train, but I’m not sure if it’d make more sense to rent a car in Dijon as it’s a larger town when compared to Beaune.

Any comments or advice from you all would be greatly appreciated!

This is not from direct experience but…

I believe it will be infinitely easier in Dijon. Beaune is tiny. Was just looking at Google Maps and there are no brand name car rentals at the train station. Whereas Dijon has a bunch.

Rent in Dijon.

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We always take a train to Dijon and rent a car there. Lots of options there. Easy to get out of Dijon and into the vineyards.

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Hi Andrew,

probably comes down to what time the train comes in and whether car rental office is open. You will have more options in Dijon, but if Beaune is open when you get in, it makes more sense to collect there if that is closer to where you are staying.


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Either Beaune or Dijon works. If renting because you want to use in-around Beaune, then practicality says pick up car in Beaune. Car rental agencies are all within 3-minute walk of Beaune train station (too small for rental facilities).

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To modify and correct my earlier comment about it seeming like it was a little bit of a walk after we returned the car in Beaune (did not p/u there) it is because we continued to stay in Beaune after dropping the car and we had to walk back into town from the rental car agency. I had forgotten that we didn’t leave Beaune upon losing the car. But even the walk from the train station/rental car location to town is only about 10 minutes.

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