Rental Car Pickup in Dijon or Beaune

Does anyone have experience picking up rental cars in either Dijon or Beaune? Will be taking the train down from Paris and was wondering if it’s worth connecting on the train to Beaune or just hopping off once in Dijon and grabbing a car there.

Any insights would be appreciated.

We were just there a few weeks ago. We picked up the car in Paris and drove down to Beaune. Dropped the car off in Dijon on our way back and took the TGV back to Paris from there. It worked out well. Most of the people at the rental car facility speak good English. We used Enterprise and it worked out well. Not cheap but it was worth it. There were several rental car companies right at that train station.

We train to/from Dijon and rent/return there, unless we want to make stops on the way to/from Paris. We’ve done both. It’s much more convenient to rent and return in Dijon than in Paris.


clarification pls: Train is CDG to Dijon directly - without need to go into the city - both ways?

To/from Paris Gare de Lyon


Thank you. Very helpful.

Follow-up question-

Alternatively to renting a car, does anyone have a ballpark of what a driver would cost to hire per day? I will be a solo so I imagine this will raise the per head cost quite a bit.

ah so you’d have to go cdg to GdL first? i see. thanks!

We dropped out Avis rent a car back to Dijon in January, and caught the train straight to the Gare de Lyon. You can get off and have a cheeky meal at Le Train Bleu just to get yourself in the groove for Paris.

Echoing this. Super easy.

I’ve also taken the train into Beaune many times which is also easy. Can only remember returning a rental car there and never picking it up. It seemed further from the station than in Dijon but that may have just been the specific rental company.

Most of the car rental offices are just off of the train station building in Beaune, no more than 4 minutes walk. Small station.

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Used Sixt Rental car in Dijon. They have longer hours than Avis which bailed us out. Very friendly. Excellent car and service.

Sixt is my agency of choice.

Haven’t rented a car in several years but I used Sixt a couple times and really like them.