Cabot Vineyards- let's get vertical



If anyone is still on the fence about these, let me tell you that I opened a bottle of the '11 Nash Mill pinot just for today’s events (blizzard snow day!), and after a couple of hours, it is whispering things in my ear that I have rarely heard before. I’d load up on another case of the stuff, if i hadn’t just blown my budget on today’s Myriad release. You will rarely find better QPR than what John is making.

Went for the 6 Syrah. Good stuff.

Thanks Eric, the 50% whole cluster on the Nash mill took some time to integrate, but now im pleased with the decision.

In for the Pinot 6pk, wonderjuice! Thanks, J&K!

In for Syrah mixer, again. Loved your work last year mr cabot and here we go again!

These might be my favorite Pinots - at the very least they are in my top 5. Great stuff!

Thanks for the kind words. If anyone wants to round out their case with the Marier vineyard bottlings or other wines from our web site well happily comp the shipping.
Cheers and thanks for the great response so far!!

Yep. Syrah sixer.

Thank you all for your orders so far. Rest assured that I am getting the orders and making sure that we have the wine to cover them. I will reach out to each of you individually tonight. grouphug

I purchased the Syrah Sixer.

Grabbed some Pinot, stoked to have some coming…

Had to hit the syrah…see you at Falltacular, John!

In for the Pinot Noir pack!

Thank you so much everyone for making Berserkerday such a success!

Easy “in” on this offer! Have loved the Syrah since first trying the 2006 Kimberly’s! [cheers.gif]



Has anyone gotten delivery of the Cabot Vineyards BD wine yet?


I believe Johns sending them out next week.

I sent out all shipments to California, Texas, Florida, Oregon and Washington on Thursday and Friday. You all will be getting tracking numbers on Monday. The rest of the country I’m waiting until it warms. If anyone is in a hurry and wishes to receive their order early please pm me.