Cabot Vineyards- let's get vertical

OK…we’ve pulled out more wines from the library for berserkerday. These wines have been quietly resting in our winery since the day they were bottled. We put together 5 different packs to please everyone.
We are offering FREE shipping on case orders and $10 flat rate shipping on 6 packs. You can mix and match packs to fill a case.
To order go to Were ready for ya!

Pinot 6 Pack- $180

3 2011 Pinot Noir Anderson Valley
3 2011 Pinot Noir Nash Mill Vineyard, AV

Syrah Sixer- $170

1 2009 Kimberly’s Syrah- 91pts CT
1 2009 Humboldt Syrah- 91.1pts CT
1 2009 Le Du Comte
1 2008 Humboldt Syrah- 90.5pts CT
1 2010 Humboldt Syrah
1 2010 Syrah, Klamath Cuvee

Humboldt Vertical Pack- $150

2 2008 Humboldt Syrah
2 2009 Humboldt Syrah
2 2010 Humboldt Syrah

Cabby 6 Pack- $160

1 2004 Confluence- 75% Cab, 25% Merlot 88pts CT
1 2007 Confluence- 50% Cab, 30% Syrah, 20% Merlot- 90.3 pts CT
1 2009 Confluence- 40% Merlot, 30% Malbec, 20% Cab, 10% Syrah- 88pts CT
1 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon- 89.1pts CT
1 2007 Merlot
1 2008 Klamath Cuvee- 50% Cab, 30% Merlot, 20% Syrah- 88.3pts CT

Klamath Cuvee Pack- $120

2 2007 Klamath Cuvee- 90% Syrah, 10%Merlot- 89.6pts CT
2 2009 Klamath Cuvee- 60% Zinfandel, 40% Syrah- 89.5pts CT
2 2010 Klamath Cuvee- 100% Syrah(Kimberlys)

Thanks everyone. Email me directly at for any questions

Oh boy…order in for the Syrah 6-er

In for a Syrah Sixer. Never tried these before.

In for some pinot, so good!

Easiest decision I’ve made all day. In for a 6 of Humboldt and a syrah sixer.

I’m a sucker for Cabot Syrah. In for 2-6paks!

Had a 2008 Humboldt Syrah over the weekend that was fantastic. This is an easy decision.

In for a Syrah Sixer and Cab pack!

In for syrah sixer. Very excited!

If anyone in Seattle wants to split an order or Syrah or Pinot, let me know. I’d be interested is a couple of bottles.

I should add, I love the wines and John is a standup guy, but I run low on cash and space.

I’m in for the Pinot pack. Still have a bunch of Cabot Syrah left over from last year. You can’t go wrong with any of these packs.

I was introduced to John and Kimberly’s wines thanks to last year’s BD, and was hoping for another “Bacon Fat” but knew it probably wasn’t likely :frowning:

Regardless, plenty of great selections here, went for the syrah sixer and couldn’t resist adding three of the 2011 Marier syrah to my order.

coming back for more after last year’s intro . . . syrah pack and humboldt vertical!

I’m always in here

Woo Hoo…Just got the Pinot 6 pack!! [cheers.gif]

Humboldt vertical sixer, woo hoo!

Got my Pinot 6-er. Love me some Cabot!!!

PM sent

I love me some Cabot… the pinot, syrah & blends are all great. That being said and I can’t believe I’m doing so but I’m passing this year as I already have multiples of most of these in my cellar. More for all of you! Will jump back in next year without hesitation.