Bordeaux 2023

Any updates? Not much information on the net.

Vintage of the decade is my guess.


I read an article about a month ago that mentioned that Mildiou was an issue and could be as bad as 25% to 40% loss.

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Greatest vintage since the dinosaurs is how they are characterized now…


Vintage of the decade, and low yields?!?!? In all seriousness, given the cooler weather followed by a warm and dry August/September (to my knowledge) I’d expect it to be pretty good, but obviously not an expert or on the ground.

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Yeah, I think what will remain of grapes will be of good quality based on the weather since mildiou doesn’t taint the unaffected grapes.


Supposed to be a legendary vintage despite very challenging circumstances, leading to reduced yields and inevitably increased prices?

That was sarcasm but some of it is grounded in reality. Saw the first report the other day suggesting tough yields etc

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I asked about the 2023 vintage, and I got this reply:

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I think talking about this before the grapes have even been pressed is a bit premature, no? :slight_smile:

I figure we can at least wait until En Primeur, no? (speaking of, are you going this year?)

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I dont normally physically attend tastings during EP

That’s one article I’ve seen

“For the reds, the yield is not high, due to the mildew,” grower Jean-Marie Briau in the Dordogne region, just east of Bordeaux, told regional newspaper Sud-Ouest. “For the whites, it’ll be a bit better than last year. But for the last four years, between frost, hail and disease, it’s not good.”

You can be sure, especially with inflation, prices will be increased, demand will be decreased, and very few wines will be worth purchasing en primeur.


Been round a few places yesterday and today and from the looks of what is coming in it will be a bumper crop in very many places. Many reporting biggest in quite a while as far as memory goes. Figeac, Palmer, Pontet-Canet, Conseillante, Le Pin, Troplong Mondot, L’Eglise Clinet, Clinet, Clos L’Eglise all report impressively large volumes.

23 will be a vintage which by necessity is be priced lower than the previous but perhaps quality which is much higher than expected.




You owe Robert Parker an apology.

So, it’s either a big crop with low prices, or a small crop with high prices.


A vintage of extremes. The average temperatures were the equivalent of sub-Saharan deserts. The monsoons that followed made Thailand seem dry. Hail stones plagued the vineyards during bud-break. And then a strike in France made labor unavailable during peak picking week, causing the vignerons to harvest with 1950 machinery. The results was one of the finest harvests in the recorded annals of Bordeaux, with free run juice that reflects the distinction of every terroir and vineyard, has the sweet fruit profile of 1982, the elegance of 1961, the structure for longevity of 2005, and the modern classicism of 2016. The critics have all hailed it the vintage of a lifetime, greatest of the region. Leve was spotted to use the word “sex” in 243 notes, 79 of which were 100. Sucking broke the 100 scale and then retired to his villa in Okinawa. Prognostications are that it will never shut down and will drink beautifully from day one, adding complexity day after day, with a projected lifespan of 50+ years for the classified growths. That yak, Alfert, continues to complain, offering as a counter-point the beauty of 2014.


He is a dinosaur though :crazy_face: :rofl:

All kidding aside, that’s not my joke, that’s the joke the negociant use at EP.


Your best post ever ! 101 Pts!!!


Alfert has learned how to use ChatGPT. Lord help us.

I am Ai, Craig. Ai.

@Robert.A.Jr everyone

You missed out the plague of locusts and the angel of death killing the first born. The owner who daubed the outside of their chateaux with lamb’s blood made the first 112 point wine.

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